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FRANCIS BRENNAN – ALL HANDS ON DECK With 3500 guests to feed for 10 days, running the ships restaurants is one of the toughest jobs onboard. As Francis becomes Maitre’D, he will be silver servicing, making pizzas and put in charge of room service. After taking some guests on a bespoke tour of Helsinki can Francis get the champagne fountain ready in time for ‘formal night’. Will the cruise end on a high, on the high seas of the Baltic?
TASTES LIKE HOME ***New Series*** Chef Catherine Fulvio meets Drimnagh woman Rosemary and learns how to make her daughter's favourite dish before travelling to Paris to re-create it for her.
PULLING WITH MY PARENTS In episode two we meet Amy O'Flynn and Luca Lawless. Amy is looking for a trustwo rthy man she can have some fun with while Luca's parents would like to see him with someone who has their head screwed on.
CHILDREN OF THE TROUBLES *Documentary* In Children of the Troubles, Joe Duffy explores the lives and tragic deaths of the children who were killed during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
DONAL’S SUPER FOOD IN MINUTES *** New Series*** Donal Skehan returns with a new series to help people learn about tasty meals that can be cooked quickly for people's busy lives.
EAR TO THE GROUND In this episode the question of family farm succession is raised. Darragh McCullough visits an organic farm doing things differently. Ancient ruins leads to an archaeological dig.