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The Business A weekly look at the world of business and personal finance with Richard Curran.
Documentary on One: Cause of Death More than ten thousand deaths a year in Ireland are reported to the coroner’soffice. Ruairi McKenna follows the work of two coroners and meets the people they serve, people who are looking to establish their loved ones’ causeof death. Terence Casey has been coroner in Kerry South East since 1992 and has spoken very passionately in the past about the […]
PLOUGHING LIVE Presented by Marty Morrissey and Aine Lawlor, the three part series is coming live from Europe's biggest outdoor event, the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.
SCHIZOPHRENIA: THE VOICES IN MY HEAD A documentary tracking the daily lives, struggles and triumphs of some young Irish people living with schizophrenia.
IT’S A PARK’S LIFE This week we go behind the scenes at the Deerfield Residence, home to former US Ambassador to Ireland Kevin O’Malley; check back in with rangers James and Ciarán; and meet former Dublin hurler Joey Towell who spends his days introducing busloads of tourists to our native game of hurling.
FIND ME A HOME In the 3rd episode of Find Me A Home, Margaret falls in love with an apartment with a sea view in Salthill. But will she brave the auction room to get it? Plus Ann and Martin in Wexford want to sell-up and retire to Spain.
FALLOUT ***NEW*** "Fallout" is the first documentary that looks at the post prison lives of four high profile exonerated prisoners - Paddy Hill (Birmingham 6), Peter Pringle (the last man sentenced to death in Ireland in 1980), Sunny Jacobs (who served 17 years on death row in the USA and is married to Peter Pringle) and Robert Brown (who served 25 years in the UK).