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CHRIS AND CIARA Chris and Ciara are the perfect duo to kick-start your weekend afternoons on 2fm. Bringing you a mix of hot music, lively chat and their offbeat take on the big entertainment stories of the week. Expect great music and lots of laughs from 11-1pm Sat & Sun
THE RAY D’ARCY SHOW Ray D'Arcy returns for a fourth season of his popular Saturday Night chat show. The new series promises to be looser, livelier and even more interactive. Viewers can expect a range of Irish and international guests from the world of comedy, sport, music, drama, and lots more.
Béal Maidine Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha presents great traditional music.
STEPHEN BYRNE Stephen is live until 4pm with loads of great music and give-aways! Weekends, 1-4pm
The Poetry Programme In the first programme in a new series of The Poetry Programme presenter Olivia O’Leary is joined by poets Kerry Hardie and Pat Boran.
In The Wings John Boorman, Stephen Rea and Brendan Gleeson talk about upcoming drama, Domestic Robots.
BREAKFAST REPUBLIC Bernard, Keith & Jen wake up the nation every weekday morning in their own hyperactive style! Mornings will never be the same again. Weekdays, 7-10am
Ag Treabhadh Linn Live from the National Ploughing Championships.
TRACY CLIFFORD Pump up the afternoon slump with three hours of banter, tunes, big interviews and a bit of a laugh for your lunchtime Weekdays, 1-4pm
VOGUE: MY SPONSORED LIFE In her second documentary, My Sponsored Life, Vogue takes us into an aspect of her own life as a social influencer, a title she dislikes. A job which didn’t exist a mere 5 years ago, Vogue travels to LA to meet some of the world biggest influencers.