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FAIR CITY WEEK 46 Emmet and Dr Oakley's relaunch of the Phoenix Way doesn’t go according to plan, Orla's not convinced Damien is ready to move on, Kerri-Ann struggles with her feelings for Mondo and Tommy gives Katy some advice.
Drama on One: The Honeysuckle Smasher by Noel Simpson, with Paul Tylack, Joe Hanley and Bernadette McKenna.
SHETLAND Old wounds are painfully reopened for the shocked residents of Ravenswick, as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team look to a past crime to solve the present day murder of a young teenage girl.
SHORTSCREEN: THE GOOD WORD A man calls to the door of an isolated farmhouse. His intentions are bad. His luck is worse.
MR MERCEDES Jerome and Holly tell Hodges their concerns about the Mercedes Killer. Tensions continue to escalate between Brady and Robi. As details about the investigation emerge, Hodges, Pete, and Izzy close in on their suspect.
LINE OF DUTY ***NEW SERIES*** Police anti-corruption unit AC12 return for another thrilling investigation. Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays) and his armed response team shoot dead a hardened criminal, but soon cracks appear in their story. What are they hiding?
REFORMATION: THE STORY OF MARTIN LUTHER Two-part drama about how, 500 years ago, a revolutionary priest named Martin Luther changed the face of Christendom and the path of European civilization forever.