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DRAMA ON ONE – FLIGHT RISK Flight Risk’ by Kevin Brew. ‘Flight Risk’ explores the thoughts and fears of Elizabeth – a woman seeking asylum in Ireland – adrift and asleep on a flight bound for Dublin. With Ellie Kisyombe (as Elizabeth), Dylan Tighe and Kathy Rose O’Brien. Sound Supervision: Damian Chennells.
FAIR CITY WEEK 25 Pete’s attempts to making amends but only makes things worse, Damien and Caoimhe continue to squabble, Laura is increasingly at odds with Sash while Emmet is hopeful when Hannah agrees to a coffee date with him.
REDWATER ***FINAL*** The truth edges ever closer as Bernie's suspicions about Dermott grow. When doctors deliver some bad news to Alfie, Dermott returns to Redwater to fetch Kat but when he realises the net is closing in on him, more lives are placed in mortal danger.
HOME AND AWAY – WEEK 25 This week on Home and Away, VJ opens up to Olivia about losing Luc and Billie, Ash tries to get Patrick to open up, but another PTSD episode has serious consequences and Without his bank cards Brody desperately searches for a way to make money to fuel his drug addiction.
UNFORGOTTEN Tensions are running high in the third episode of the new series as investigations into David Walker’s murder continue. Jason, in particularly, is finding it difficult to process his father’s death, asking Cassie to see his Dad’s body following his outburst at stepsister Becca.
THE WALKING DEAD We're introduced to a completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all - for a price.
LETHAL WEAPON ***DOUBLE BILL*** A double bill of Series 1 of Lethal Weapon.