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Siúlach Scéalach A special show about Taibhdhearc na Gailllimhe, the national Irish-language theatre, as they mark 90 years.
FAIR CITY – Week 46 Paul struggles to regain his family’s respect, Orla and Wayne fall out, Hayley puts Robbie straight about their relationship and Carol makes a life-changing decision.
TAKEN DOWN As suspicion mounts on those in the centre, there are signs that Esme may have been secretly working before she died. The police search for Flora, another girl who has disappeared from the same centre.
MR MERCEDES Hodges is rattled by the unexpected death of a hospital staff member. Jerome offers much needed help in Hodges’s quest to uncover the truth. Brady works to master the limitations of his newfound ability. Already struggling to cope, Lou suffers additional setbacks.
PRESS ***New*** Following the staff of The Herald, a left-leaning broadsheet newspaper struggling to adapt to the age of digital news, and The Post, a thriving populist tabloid, who both occupy buildings in the same square and compete for the news of the day.
WAR AND PEACE ***Final*** Napoleon marches into Moscow and the Rostovs rush to leave the city. Natasha has a surprise encounter and Sonya faces a difficult decision. Pierre's outlook on life changes forever.