PABLO ***New Series*** Pablo returns for a second series. It is the first ever series to feature an all-autistic cast.
RTÉjr GOES DANCING WITH THE STARS Darragh & Darcy want to know if the dancers have been practicing their ‘goin’ home face’ or their ‘in the final face’. They catch up with Johnny & Emily to see how their rehearsals are going and Jen stops by for a chat.
RTÉjr GOES DANCING WITH THE STARS Feeling the tension begin to mount for the dancers and the judges alike, Darragh and Darcy decide to treat their guests to a bit of tlc.. Lorraine chats about her career over afternoon tea and Mairéad is treated to a hot chocolate. They interrupt Nicky's mediatation to discuss soccer, Westlife and his own participation in Strictly Come Dancing.
RTÉjr GOES DANCING WITH THE STARS Darcy and Darragh set Clelia a challenge, they learn how the autocue operator helps the presenters and the catch up with Fred Cooke.
RTÉjr GOES DANCING WITH THE STARS Darragh & Darcy take dancing queen Cliona Hagan on a photographic journey through her different looks on the show to date – up-do, down do, curly, mohawk, soft pony, frilly dresses, red tangos, pink nets, fringes and sparkly pants – this dancer has seen them all!  Judge Brian teaches them to salsa - where Darcy turns out to be a bit of a handful for Darragh!
RTEjr Goes Dancing With The Stars RTÉjr Goes Dancing With The Stars is a weekly entertainment show with presenters Darcy (11) and Darragh (13) bringing all the behind the scenes news and fun to young families on RTÉjr television.
HOPSCOTCH AND THE CHRISTMAS TREE***New*** RTÉjr welcomes the world premiere of Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree in December. The animated half hour special is based on the children’s book of the same name by Katy Segrove and Katerina Vykhodtseva.
abraKIDabra ***New Series*** Catch Joe and friends as they do their best to put on a fabulous magic show as well as teach us some brand new tricks!
WILD KIDS This week the wildlife warriors explore the Phoneix Park in search of wild deer. They also explore our woodlands and coasts.
LIVING WITH A FAIRY ***NEW SERIES*** A fairy moves into Jay's house and brings with her lots of magic and fun.