WONDER WHAT? – SERIES 2 Wonder What? brings young viewers behind the scenes to show the machinery and engineering involved in how things work.
What to watch this Christmas ( Sat 17th Dec to Fri 30th Dec) on RTÉjr. What to watch this Christmas ( Sat 17th Dec to Fri 30th Dec) on RTÉjr.   Saturday 17th Dec Thomas the Tank Engine – Snow Place Like Home (14.10) Victor hates snow, but when Kevin gets stuck in a snowdrift, Victor puts his hatred of the weather aside to go looking for his friend.   […]
BERNARD DUNNE’S MYTHICAL HEROES ***NEW SERIES*** Former World Boxing Champion, Bernard Dunne, turns storyteller as he brings some of the greatest Irish Mythical heroes’ stories to life through documentary, drama reconstruction and animation in a six part series.
WHAT MAKES MY DAY In this new ten-part documentary series we meet different children from all over Ireland as they bring us into their homes, telling us all about their lives and the things they love to do.
MAGICAL SITES ***NEW SERIES*** A second series of RTÉjr’s ground-breaking programme about Ireland’s archaeological heritage, ‘Magical Sites’ returns to introduce a further fifteen of our National Monuments to the youngest audience. This new season covers a whole range of important sites from relatively unknown monuments like the Standing Stone at Craddockstown in Co. Kildare to the magnificence of Jerpoint Abbey in Co. Kilkenny and the Neolithic cairn at Knocknarea in Co. Sligo.
MAKERS ***NEW SERIES*** This new series of ‘Makers’ continues the tradition of presenting accessible, exquisitely-illustrated portraits of some of Ireland's top craftspeople in a high quality format specifically designed for children under 7. This year we meet willow weaver Beth Murphy, eco-printer and felt-maker Nicola Brown and world-renowned glass artist Róisín de Buitléar. We follow each artist from the sourcing of their materials to the completion of their various pieces.
KIVA CAN DO   Kiva Can Do!is a new Irish animation series for pre-schoolers. Invention is the key which unlocks the door to infinite possibilities for Kiva, a five-year old girl, her best friend Saul Dunne and Angus, her homemade dog.   EPISODE 101 – 126 SYNOPSES KCD101 Jurassic Lark   Nanni is making Pakora but is having trouble peeling the […]
WHAT NUMBER AM I What Number Am I  Series Synopsis Over 40 children celebrate their age and what it means to them in the new series What Number Am I? Each episode features a different age and all the milestones that come along with it, from learning to walk to riding a bicycle or playing pretend. A diverse range of children took […]
ROCKETEERS Rocketeers 10 x 7mins RTÉjr Space/Science series   For kids fascinated by the night sky and its many wonders, Rocketeers will take a look at this great universe we call home.   Rocketeers is a new ten part space series for RTÉjr. Why does the moon change shape? How can I get to Space? How […]
HOW TO DO EVERYTHING   Series Synopsis ‘How To Do Everything’ is an outdoor activity show for kids. This programme is a kid’s ultimate guide to new adventures. Clíona and her team of helpers show us lots of fun things to do; from building forts, making perfume to finding the North Star and much more!     Further Information […]