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Brand New to RTÉ Player! Get Fit and Strong with Amanda Byram in ‘Body By Byram’! Brand new to RTÉ Player, TV host and health enthusiast, Amanda Byram shares Body By Byram, a selection of short, high intensity, full body workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere, with no special equipment or gym membership needed! Whether you want to get in shape for the summer or you just want to feel […]
Do you know what goes on in your kid’s digital world?   RTÉjr explores this in the latest episode from Parenting Series ‘Rearing to Go’ on RTÉ Player RTÉjr’s brand new and exclusive online parenting series Rearing to Go: RTÉjr Talks Parenting this week looks at the digital world with insights from RTÉ.ie’s Digital Dad, Gary Fogarty and DIT Early Childhood Education lecturer, Jan Pettersen. Do you know what […]
RTÉ confronts domestic abuse in dating relationships in new online documentary, exclusive to RTÉ Player With the number of young women experiencing abuse in dating relationships on the rise, RTÉ confronts this reality in a revealing new online current affairs documentary series UPFRONT: Domestic Abuse, exclusive to RTÉ Player. With one in five women experiencing domestic abuse in their lifetime, in this two part documentary, RTÉ reporter Della Kilroy talks to […]
Stefanie Preissner Offers A Foolproof Guide to Growing Up in How to Adult on RTÉ Player Mortgages, mortgages, mortgages.  What is the story with mortgages?  Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope writer, Stefanie Preissner, is searching for the answer to this ‘real life’ question and many more in How to Adult, a brand new six-part documentary series available exclusively on RTÉ Player.  Life can be complicated but Stefanie Preissner is here to make […]
Actual Real Life Problems Solved with Recipes for Actual Real Life, Sophie White’s New Show on RTÉ Player Have you reached ‘peak married’ status?  Lost a friend to the cult of ‘Crossfit’?  Or has the recent arrival of a new baby left a sleep shaped hole in your soul?  Sophie White’s new RTÉ Player show Recipes for Actual Real Life, has the perfect recipe to deal with life’s problems; the challenges faced by […]
Watch what Fair City’s Niamh and Paul have to say about that explosive episode in exclusive behind the scenes interview on RTÉ Player Following that explosive episode of Fair City, which saw Niamh and Paul have an epic showdown, join RTÉ Player for an ‘Access All Areas’ chat with actors Clelia Murphy (Niamh) and Tony Tormey (Paul) to get an insight into just what went on ‘Behind the Scenes’ in the lead up to the explosive episode.  Watch the […]
Exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ Interview with Fair City’s Katy and her Dad, Eoghan on RTÉ Player As Fair City’s kidnapping storyline draws to a close, RTÉ Player grabbed a chat with the actors Amilia Clarke Stewart (Katy) and Alan Howley (Eoghan) as they quizzed each other on how they have dealt with being part of one of Fair City’s most explosive storylines. As Amilia Clarke Stewart (Katy) and Alan Howley (Eoghan) enjoy a […]