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SPORT ON RTÉ ONE & RTÉ2 Tokyo 2020 gets underway plus two GAA live double-headers and Racing from the Curragh
FAIR CITY WEEK 29 Sean has shocking news for Pete regarding what Michelle and Vinny are up to in the house. Will spies an opportunity when Hughie offers him help. Lee realises that he needs Juliet on his side. Hayley demands that Ger tell her the truth.
NATIONWIDE WEEK 29 Hedgehog hospitals and gardening advice on Twitter, Monday's Nationwide meets the kids taking over social media and one prickly animal lover. And on Wednesday, it's all aboard as Anne Cassin takes to the water.
THE WINDSORS: INSIDE THE ROYAL DYNASTY This series tells the dramatic and emotional tale of the British Royal Family known as the Windsors.. Episode 1 begins following King George's death. Prince Edward must choose between the throne and marrying American divorcee, Wallis Simpson.
BATTLE OF THE FOOD TRUCKS ***SEMI-FINAL*** It's the semi finals and the remaining chefs have to create 'A Visual Feast'! The chefs must cook a vegan dish and take an insta-worthy shot to sell it to us on social media. With only two places up for grabs in the final you could cut the tension with a knife!
A VERY BRITISH HOTEL CHAIN: INSIDE BEST WESTERN Mark and Terii race to sign as many new hotels as possible, and Mrs Best Western Heather has an out-of-this-world idea to attract more business for Yew Lodge
THE SALISBURY POISONINGS ***New*** In March 2018 Salisbury became the site of an unprecedented British national emergency. Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found unconscious in the city centre following deadly novichok poisining, putting the people and places around them in grave danger.
BAILTE Síle Nic Chonaonaigh continues her travels. There are roughly 100 houses in Machaire Rabhartaigh, north west Donegal,, with a population of over 200 inhabitants. The 'Machaire' strand stretches for three miles out from the coast, leaving little wonder as to why this community has such a strong sea-faring history.
IRELAND’S GARDEN HEROES This new series for RTÉ One reveals the hard work and imagination ordinary people have put into their gardens across the island. We've sought out the best amateur gardeners to celebrate the joy of transforming your own space.
Anna Geary: Why Girls Quit Sport Anna Geary is on a crusade to find out why teenage girls give up on sport and exercise. In episode 2 Anna faces the challenge where contact sports, and the mixing of school years, are off-limits for the foreseeable future.