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***STRICTLY EMBARGOED*** RTÉ New Season 2022 – Editors’ Notes & Imagery

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Cheap Irish Homes Presenters Kieran Mc Carthy and Maggie Molloy leaning on gate wall with old bungalow in background landscape Image Name: Cheap Irish Homes Presenters Kieran Mc Carthy and Maggie Molloy leaning on gate wall with old bungalow in background landscape
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Takeaway Titans James Kavanagh and Carl Mullan Image Name: Takeaway Titans James Kavanagh and Carl Mullan
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Cheap Irish Homes Image Name: Cheap Irish Homes Description: Cheap Irish Homes Building Engineer Kieran McCarthy RTÉ One Episode 2 Thursday September 8th Copyright: RTÉ/ AV3 2022
Brendan Courtney and Bryan Murray - Keys to My Life, Sereis 3, episode 1 Image Name: Brendan Courtney and Bryan Murray - Keys to My Life, Sereis 3, episode 1
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No Worries If Not!6 Image Name: No Worries If Not!6
Cheap Irish Homes - Presenter Maggie Molloy Image Name: Cheap Irish Homes - Presenter Maggie Molloy Description: Cheap Irish Homes Series 3 Presenter Maggie Molloy RTÉ One Thursday September 1st 2022
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***EMBARGOED until 12.30pm on Thursday 25 August***


Fair City

This Autumn in Carrigstown sees a major accident happen on the site of Rafferty
Developments. With lives hanging in the balance, viewers will be hoping someone comes to the
rescue in time! Cian plots his revenge after losing his job with James, and Dearbhla finally
kicking him to touch. Tommy, Jane, Mondo and Dearbhla are all dragged into the mayhem
when terrible rumours surround Alex. Two soulmates are blown apart by a surprise
reconciliation, while a disenchanted couple commit to a future together
A villain returns, lives are thrown into chaos, somebody must die: life in Fair City – Where Life
has a sharp edge.

Kin 2.

The Kinsellas are back! BRON Studios, the award-winning media tech company, and
Headline Pictures, announced today the second season of Kin began production in Dublin last
week. T Returning cast includes Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Clare Dunne (Herself), Aidan Gillen
(Game of Thrones), Sam Keeley (Joe v Carole), Emmett J. Scanlan (Peaky Blinders), Maria Doyle
Kennedy (Outlander), and Yasmin Seky. Francis Magee has been upped to series regular this
season. The new season will see the Kinsellas, now top dogs in Dublin. Killing Eamonn
Cunningham has created as many problems as it solved, however, as they have incurred the
wrath of an enemy even more dangerous than him. The unbreakable bonds of blood and family
have now been replaced with suspicion, distrust and resentment But the greatest threat to the
family emerges from within – in the shape of a ruthless, bullying, agent of chaos. Fortunately,
from positions of great adversity the boldest plans are often forged. And so it is with the

North Sea Connection is a contemporary thriller set within an isolated and traditional rural Irish
fishing community in Connemara. The Kennys’ story is about the extreme and violent situations
that will challenge them, divide them and establish their new role in hock to a group of vicious
people. Darkly humorous and ultimately heroic, the story is about survival first, then growth
and finally, empowerment. North Sea Connection is a six-part series starring Lydia McGuinness,
Sinead Cusack, Kerr Logan and Alida Morberg.

Smother 3.

Yearning for a fresh start, Val (Dervla Kirwan) throws herself into a whirlwind romance and marriage. Wounded from the past, she is determined to put her own needs first for once.
But when her daughters insist on churning up her past pain, she must make a difficult and life changing choice between her family or herself.

SisterS is a dark comedy-drama about two women, Suze and Sare, born continents apart, in
Canada and in Ireland. The pair discover that they are half-sisters and embark on a road trip to
find their alcoholic father, only to find what they actually need is each other. Real-life best
friends Goldberg and Stanley make their writing debuts and star. SisterS is a character driven,
six-part, half-hour comedy about family, culture and life in your thirties. It is an exploration of
how the absence of a parent can influence adult life in unforeseen ways and what that void can
do to a woman’s relationship to alcohol, men, work and motherhood, or lack thereof.

Clean Sweep

RTÉ together with ZDF Studies has announced that a new thriller drama Clean
Sweep starring Charlene McKenna is set to premier on RTÉ and Sundance Now in the US with
ZDF Studios having secured international distribution rights to the thriller drama. The series is
being co-produced in Ireland, by one of Ireland’s biggest and most successful indie producers
ShinAwiL (Dancing with the Stars Ireland, Miss Scarlet and the Duke) and Canada’s Incendo
(Be Mine Valentine, Terror Train), internationally renowned for producing and distributing high
quality content. RTÉ continues to be the home of quality Irish drama with filming now
underway. The award-winning Irish actress Charlene McKenna (Bloodlands, Peaky Blinders,
Vienna Blood) stars in the lead role as Shelly Mohan, a housewife, mother of three, married to
a Garda detective, who kills her former partner in crime when he threatens to expose her dark
past. With her unsuspecting husband hunting for the killer, Shelly must cope with pressures of
the tightening noose as well as continue caring for an ailing son, her unfaithful husband and all
usual burdens of motherhood. Inspired by true events, it is a compelling and relentless story of
mothering and the price paid for long-buried sins. Clean Sweep is created by Gary Tieche who
has written on Preacher for AMC, I Know What You Did Last Summer for Amazon as well as
worked on Medium for CBS.

This year Storyland – devised to develop and showcase new drama across the board -comes to
RTÉ television for the first time with three brand-new single dramas. Contemporary whodunnit
Balor Hall by Rioghnach Ni Grioghair sees the greedy members of the Devereux family return to
the patriarch’s vast agricultural estate for a brutal landgrab. Mustard by Eva O Connor is a
hugely imaginative story about substance abuse and self-harm, and Every Five Miles by Sinead
Collop is a powerful story about people trafficking in Ireland. There were an unprecedented
number of Storyland applications this year, with RTÉ working with Screen Ireland in
partnerships and collaborations, as we grow the Irish drama sector together.

Mustard by Eva O Connor. Adapted from Eva’s award-winning stage play, this is a hugely
imaginative story about substance abuse and self-harm. The team of Eva and Hildegard have
already made the series ‘Overshadowed’ for BBC3.

Every Five Miles by Sinead Collopy This is a powerful story about people trafficking in Ireland.
Sinead developed this project with Vincent Lambe, who got an Oscar nomination for his drama
‘Detainment’ about the Jamie Bulger killers.

Balor Hall by Rioghnach Ni Grioghair. This is a contemporary whodunnit where we see the
greedy members of the Devereux family return to the patriarch’s vast agricultural estate for a
brutal landgrab.

Radio Drama
RTÉ Drama On One -New Writing this Autumn
Escapism and Dime Novels by Gerard Freixes Ribera Directed by Eithne Hand.
The regime’s censors say Franco’s Spain is an absolute paradise with no crime at all – but as a
prison guard, Carlos knows better. He passes the time penning pulp novels set in the Wild West.
A recently arrived convict, Victor Ramos, is also a writer of dime novels. Victor has been
arrested at a recent protest, and his stories contain coded criticism of Franco. When Carlos
helps Victor, he steps within reach of the regime’s iron fist. Starring Antonio Gil Martinez, José
Miguel Jiménez, Federico Julián Gonzalez, Leticia Vaquero, Marcos Isla and Roger Gregg.
Biographical note: Born in Igualada (Spain), Gerard Freixes studied Fine Arts at the University of
Barcelona. Later, while working as commercial video editor, he developed his own experimental
videos. His works use public-domain found footage digitally manipulated to generate new
narrations related to aspects from mainstream culture.

Wine From Greenland by Alejandro Niklison Directed by Gorretti Slavin
Wine from Greenland by Alejandro Niklison explores the meaning of society and identity in the
search for absolute freedom. As Anton and Ian wait to be seated at a restaurant, a seemingly
ordinary conversation leads them to a mutual realisation about life and society: man is a caged
animal, chained to social conventions, roles and relationships. But beyond married life, affairs,
jobs and obligations, lies a land where one can start over and rediscover themselves. Will they
find freedom or will they fail in their quest?
Biographical note: Alejandro Niklison is a native of Argentina and now lives in Dublin. His stories
exist in a surreal world, with influences from magical realism and absurdism. His characters live
in worlds plagued by violence and perverse irony, where Niklison ponders “the uncertainties of
the human condition and of literature”.
Featuring Charlie Bonner, Frankie McCafferty and Donna Anita Nikolaisen. Sound Design by Gar
Duffy and directed by Gorretti Slavin

Primroses le Colm Mac Con Iomaire
A beautiful and sensitive reflection on the relationships between sons and fathers, who
themselves become fathers to sons, in an audio memoir of Colm’s three month stay, as a ten-year-old, on Inis Meáin. ‘Primroses’ delves into Colm’s boyhood experience as he becomes
every day more tantalised by life on the Aran Islands: learning how to identify birds’ nests,
assuming new shepherding duties, welcoming his father for a precious visit, and witnessing the
ancient bonfire ritual at the stone ringfort of Dún Conchúir.
Music and text composed by Colm Mac Con Iomaire. Biographical note:

Bloody Writers A dark comedy, written and directed by Charlie McCarthy.
Bloody Writers is the story of a young writer, Niamh, who wins a residency at a Writer’s
Retreat. The residency brings her into contact with the American writer, LD Power, and into the
company of the retreat’s manager, David, a failed novelist. Niamh has mixed success in her
attempts to befriend both David and LD Power. We learn the real reasons behind Niamh’s
severe case of writer’s block, and when LD Power detects plagiarism in Niamh’s prize-winning
story, she releases the inner monster within the young, aspiring writer. Producer: Kevin Brew.
Biographical note: Charlie McCarthy is an award-winning writer and director. He has worked
extensively in television with credits including; Jack Taylor with Iain Glen, for Telegael & ZDF, On
Home Ground, Pure Mule (IFTA Nomination for Best Director), Legend, The Clinic, Raw, Single
Handed, Play Next Door, Charlie – the drama based on Charlie Haughey’s life and times – an
Element Pictures/Touchpaper Television production for RTE and Grace Harte for TG4, which
won the prestigious international CIRCOM Media Award for Best Drama. His documentary
Seamus Heaney – Out of the Marvellous, received an IFTA for Best Documentary, was a winner
at the Celtic Film Festival, and won a Bronze Medal at New York Television Festival. Charlie has
written two award-winning radio plays, Rose Early One Morning and A Swing For Jelly. He also
wrote two stage plays for Dublin Youth Theatre and was writer/director of the award-winning
feature television drama Home for Christmas, which was nominated in five categories at the
Irish Film and Television Awards.

Young People
Kiva Can Do. Kiva Can Do is a delightfully charming series that features a young girl with a
wonderful imagination and an expansive spirit that allows her to explore nearly everything and
anything. Along with her best friend, Saul, and her dog, Angus, Kiva conceives some amazing
adventures that bring them around the world and well beyond. The stories and dialogue are
playful and fresh with just the right comedic touch that makes for compelling young children’s
Bright Sparks S4. Bright Sparks is an entertaining and exciting drama series for children. For the
fourth season running, we follow the adventures of 8 friends as they have fun, learn and play.
Four humans, a dog, an owl, a robot & a fairy… what more could you ask for!
We head back to the ever-colourful Bright’s Park to join Séamus, Tunes, Wild Guy, Clara, Mrs
Owlington, Billy and friends on a journey through their animated everyday lives where they use
their unique skill sets to clear up complications, create magic, help others, have fun and save
the day. While making new friendships and overcoming difficulties along the way, they learn
and grow together and most importantly they remind us all, that each of us is a Bright Spark in
our own special way.
Happy The Hoglet. In Happy’s world of Sunny River Community Garden, big feelings are as natural as the carrots growing in raised beds. This is a world built on loving energy that nurtures all creatures.
All living things here coexist in perfect balance (well definitely some of the time). With a lot of
funny fun funny! Happy and his Sunny River friends reflect the emotional ups, downs and
everything in between for the preschool audience. And with these characters, there’s plenty of
feelings to go around. From feeling excited to feeling angry to feeling like you just need a quiet
minute, the series models emotional resilience for pre-schoolers, inspiring them with the inner
strength that comes from tackling big feelings and growing positive ones!
World Mental Health Day Animated Shorts. Five short animations from five Irish companies looking at
mental health awareness and issues that affect children and young people

  1. Navigating the rough Seas. Difficult emotions stir in a child, so they retreat inside
    themselves and encounter a magical music man who helps them deal with their feelings
    by taking time out and remembering to breathe!
  2. Hugo Lets Go. When a clingy young sloth is put in a new setting and moves school, it’s
    only after he makes a new friend that he eventually finds the courage to let go.
  3. Better Weather. Better Weather offers a relatable, slice-of-life look at one family’s
    struggles and the hope that can be found in the most troubling times.
  4. True Hue. True Hue is a heartfelt short about 3 children who cross paths in a playground
    and learn that real friendship is made by showing their true colours.”
  5. The Presenter. When Niamh, a shy production assistant at a news channel, is pulled up
    on stage to present the evening news, things take an unexpected turn.
    Dizzy Deliveries. Dizzy Deliveries is the first television series in Ireland to teach children LÁMH
    SIGNS. Set in the Dizzy Deliveries Depot and a new delivery location in each episode, Dizzy
    Deliveries features Joe – the delivery man with magical powers, Ozzy – the flying robot who
    works with Joe and helps him make his deliveries and Aisling – the owner of the Dizzy Deliveries
    and Joe & Ozzy’s boss. Aisling also teaches the audience Lámh Signs in every episode. Each
    episode features 3 key Lámh signs that are relevant to the theme of the episode. They are
    taught by Aisling in a fun and interactive way that makes it easy to join in and learn for Lámh
    users and non-Lámh users.
    Ray Of Sunshine. Ray is a young boy who lives in the Sunshine Apartment complex in the centre
    of Dublin with his Mom. And living in an apartment block called “Sunshine” really is perfect for
    Ray because he has such a sunshine-y personality. In fact, his neighbors in the apartment block
    have taken to calling him Sunshine Ray! Ray’s two favorite things are gardening and tea parties,
    both of which he loves to do in the busy courtyard of the Sunshine Apartments, where his
    neighbors are always coming and going but always have time to stop and smell the flowers in
    Ray’s garden or enjoy a spot of tea. Ray of Sunshine is a new animated television series for
    preschoolers from Daily Madness Productions that celebrates urban living and the importance
    of community, and of course, gardening and tea parties!
    The Wee Littles. The Wee Littles is an animated preschool series about a very small family
    living, loving, and sharing in a great big West County Clare forest. Life can be very different
    when you are a Wee Little, they show us that just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t
    do great things! They learn how to overcome their size limitations by using creativity,
    teamwork, and humour in their own inventive way! The heart of the series centres on a family
    of four and their family pet, an earthworm called “Jeremy Throckmorton the Third”!
    Nova Jones S2. Nova Jones, the super-mega-ultra pop princess known for dropping out of this
    world singles, killer albums and sell-out gigs, is back! This time the queen of tantrums and tiaras
    has her sights set on more… more fame, more colour, more costumes, more music, more
    dance, and definitely a lot more flavours of ice cream. Join us as the brightest Star in any galaxy
    embarks on an extended intergalactic tour in ‘The Jefferson’ spaceship, adding stardust to your
    day and making it sparkle! The hottest thing since the sun, when Nova sings, the Universe itself
    stops to dance!
    Blasts from the Past S2. Blasts From the Past S2 sees the return of the comedy drama series in
    which Emily Blast continues her missions that see her time jump through history returning
    important missing items to their correct place and time. Series 2 taps into our history of
    exploration and uses a broader global landscape for Emily’s adventures as she engages with a
    rich array of characters from our diaspora who have helped shape the histories of countries
    across the globe. From Billy the Kid to the Duke of Wellington, from Robert Emmett to John
    Holland, from the Beatles to JFK – Emily time jumps through history with the help of her unique
    mobile phone APP (TeSSa) and visits an array of international locations including the Wild West,
    the Australian Outback and the White House. Peppered through each episode will be a number
    of comic sketches that feature historical characters as you have never quite seen them before.
    Atom Town. Come and meet the Atoms of Atom Town, and explore the magic and wonder of
    the universe. Atom Town is a colourful community of characters based on the Elements that
    make up our universe of the Periodic Table. In life, we all know that everyone is different and
    we all have our own unique personalities, and The Atoms of Atom Town are no different. As we
    follow their day-to-day adventures, we’ll see them play together, solve problems, often spark
    off each other, and ultimately learn the value of teamwork and diversity.
    Fia’s Faries Every day, Fia and her best friend Ameer take a journey to Fairy Island where they
    learn the enchanting Irish language through exciting adventures with a pair of fairies and all
    their magical friends. As well as teaching Fia and Ameer new words in their additional language,
    they also teach them about kindness, acceptance, and bravery – all whilst bringing our young
    audience along for the fun!
    Storybud Christmas Specials. Ho-ho-hold on a minute! News just in … following its smash-hit
    debut outing on RTÉ Kids earlier this year, “Storybud” is returning for a very special five-part
    festive series. The show that the Sunday Times said had “enough surreal nods and winks to
    keep adults, as well as their offspring, amused” sees writers Jason Byrne and Karl Harpur set
    their comedy eyeballs on all our favourite Christmas characters, stories and traditions for the
    ultimate “Storybud” makeover. So … you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better
    tune in to “Storybud” Christmas Specials.
    News2day news2day is the only daily live television news programme for primary school
    children in the country. It’s a 10 minute show, broadcast Monday – Friday at 4.20pm on RTÉ2,
    the RTÉ News Channel and the RTÉ Player, with a 15 minute catch up on Saturday and Sunday.
    It is watched in schools all across the country. Our aim is to bring news to a young audience in a
    factual, clear and age-appropriate way. We cover everything from the big news of the day, to
    climate change, homelessness, mental wellbeing, art, science, sport.. We do explainers on
    everything from the war in Ukraine to explaining what inflation is. Children are often the drivers
    of the stories we cover and we visit a different school each day to film a report for the
    programme. They might be doing a project on getting rid of single-use plastics, growing a wild
    garden, or raising awareness of a social issue in their schools. We also have young guests in
    studio. Each Monday we ask a new a Question of the Week. It could be about a news story, a
    big talking point or something quirky and fun. Anything from bullying to online safety, food
    waste to what would your super power be! We receive lots of replies from schools all around
    the country and read some out on the show. We know from feedback that the QOTW is used as
    a topic for debate in classrooms – one teacher said they used it as the basis for a homework
    essay. The QOTW is a way for us to connect with our viewers in a very direct way and it gives
    them a chance to have their say. News is available 24 hours a day in many different formats and
    can be hard to avoid and digest, so we aim to deliver it in a neutral and hopefully reassuring
    way. We want news2day to be a safe space. The programme connects with its audience in
    many ways. Our annual Christmas Art competition receives thousands of wonderful entries
    with the winner getting the chance to switch on the RTÉ Christmas lights during a very exciting
    live outside broadcast. It is a unique experience and a highlight of our year. Hundreds of
    paintings from previous competitions, particularly many that express how children felt during
    the Covid 19 pandemic, are held in the permanent collection of the National Library of Ireland.
    news2day has two presenter/reporters, Reem El-Hassany and our new presenter/reporter,
    Molly O’Connor. The show is back for its new season on Monday September 5th and we can’t
    wait to meet lots of children and find out about all the wonderful things they are doing in


The Late Late Show returns this September with Ryan Tubridy continuing to celebrate the very
best of Irish entertainment, music and comedy as well as the extraordinary achievements of
Irish people at home and abroad. Fresh from celebrating the 60th anniversary of The
Late Late Show, Ryan and the team have lots of exciting live shows and specials planned to
bring the nation together on Friday nights in the way that only The Late Late Show can.

The Tommy Tiernan Show. Tommy Tiernan is back with the seventh season of his improvised
chat show. Tommy brings a genuine curiosity to every exchange. He thrives on the adrenaline
of no preparation and conversations where nothing is off-limits. Tommy always impresses with
his ability to connect with a diverse selection of guests. Sometimes they’re well-known, and
sometimes Tommy doesn’t know the first thing about the guest sitting across from him. With
this inquisitive and articulate host, every conversation has the potential for great honesty and
insight, and sometimes freewheeling wildness. After six successful seasons, Tommy is at the top
of his game. Everyone, including Tommy, wants to know who the next guest is.

Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything. After welcoming a host of big-name celebrities in Season 1,
like Chris O’Dowd, Amy Huberman, Aisling Bea and Gemma Collins, this season, Angela Scanlon
invites the bold and the brave onto her pink sofa to find the funny in off limit chats and unusual
antics – and they all have one thing in common – she can ask them absolutely anything!

Ultimate Hell Week: The Professionals. Models and influencers, sporting legends and TV stars,
singers and comedians all think they have what it takes to pass Ultimate Hell Week – The
Professionals. Each of them has excelled in their chosen field but now their reputations are on
the line, as they go way beyond their comfort zone, to face the biggest test of their lives, to
attempt to pass a condensed version of Special Forces selection. Over six days, the celebrity
recruits will be required to pass numerous rigorous physical and mental tests. Surviving on two
to three hours of sleep a night they will have to overcome cold-water events, height tests and
claustrophobic challenges as well as various trials of strength, stamina and determination.
Based on the actual exercises and tests currently used on Special Forces selection, the DS have
designed a course that will test each recruit’s physical, emotional and psychological resilience.
It is designed to break all but the toughest of individuals. The recruits, some of Irelands fittest
celebrities, all have one thing in common, each of them believes they have what it takes to pass
the course. Hell Week is the mother of all challenges; it is not like any other reality TV series, it
is raw, real and relentless; with no certainty that anyone will make it to the end. Will any of the
celebrity recruits have what it takes to pass selection? Welcome to Hell. Special Forces –
Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals is produced by Motive Television for RTÉ.

First Dates. Sit back, relax, and feel the love as First Dates returns for a eight series of fireworks,
failures to launch, plucky paramours, awkward pauses, killer lines, momentous meet-ups and
perfect matches at the Restaurant of Romance.

Mise FRESHIN’ is a genre-bending show that creatively combines various strands of Irish music.
The show weaves together narratives and themes that are shared between contemporary Irish
hip-hop music and Irish traditional folk music. Combining story-telling and scratch-turntablism,
Mise FRESHIN’ digs out brand new grooves from ancient music.

The 2 Johnnies Do America (Season 2) . In season 1 of The 2 Johnnies Do America, our intrepid
podcasters went in search of Irish America. They are back and this time they are looking for the
REAL AMERICA. The Johnnies head to the Deep South to find the hidden, fun and quirky
America. From Atlanta to New Orleans to Nashville, the Johnnies unearth the characters, tribes
and communities that make up today’s America beyond the headlines that we see on the news.
And of course, they have many laughs on the way, while giving that unique Johnnies’ insight.

The Ultimate Irish Playlist is a celebration of the greatest Irish hits of all time. This two-hour show
will count down the songs that define Irish music and culture. Following a nationwide campaign,
the 2FM listeners had the final say and over 100,000 votes were received. From The Helix in
Dublin, artists will perform a playlist decided by the audience as host, Tracy Clifford counts down
the top twenty songs, discusses the impact they’ve had on Irish culture and interviews the acts
performing, be it the original artists performing their own tracks or contemporary artists
performing unique tributes. Will it be U2? The Cranberries? Sinéad O’Connor? Or Christy Moore?
This fast-paced music feast will have lots of intrigue as the audience waits, wonders and guesses
what song is voted the number one on The Ultimate Irish Playlist.

No Worries If Not! No Worries If Not! is a noisy, fast-paced, viral sketch show with the biggest
stars of Irish online comedy – Sean Burke, Michael Fry, Justine Stafford, Emma Doran and Killian
Sundermann. Featuring supersized versions of their classic bits, along with a whole new slew of
sketches, formats and characters. The show will be centered around the five comedians – all
are established Irish social media stars with large followings and regularly produce viral
content. No Worries If Not as an edgy, viral comedy sketch show that is distinctly Irish and
pokes fun at trending issues that we can all relate to. It is an edgy, off-the-wall, satirical look at
modern life starring the biggest stars of Irish online comedy.

A Very Modern Irish Family – Brian and Arthur’s Surrogacy Story
A Very Modern Irish Family- Brian and Arthur’s Surrogacy Story is an intimate look at a unique
birth story in Ireland in 2022, as Brian Dowling, Arthur Gourounlian and Aoife Dowling share
their story. Television’s much loved Brian Dowling and Dancing With The Star’s judge Arthur
Gourounlian are having a baby, and Brian’s little sister Aoife is their surrogate. A Very Modern
Irish Family – Brian and Arthur’s Surrogacy Story is a new documentary following this
charismatic trio as they get ready for this much wanted baby. The documentary follows the
highs and lows of their journey, from glitzy baby showers and shopping trips to the harsh
realities that in Ireland there is no legislation for surrogacy, and the heartache that brings.
Aoife (33) has moved in with her brother Brian and Arthur for the duration of the pregnancy
and this trio do everything together. We know where this surrogacy journey starts but having a
baby brings up unpredictable emotions and we are right there feeling them with Arthur & Brian
& Aoife. What will the birth be like? How will Brian & Arthur feel when they hold their new born
baby? How will Aoife feel after the birth? And of course is it a boy or a girl? Having a baby
through surrogacy is difficult and throws up lots of legal questions that Ireland has no
legislation for. Through the different lens of Brian, Arthur and Aoife, this documentary will
explore the issues they face to bring their baby home. Even though the egg is from a donor, by
law in Ireland, Aoife is the mother, something all three of them don’t think should be the case.

Today Show Season 11. Ireland’s most successful and longest running afternoon show – the
TODAY show returns for its 11th season – and there are more than a few surprises in store! Now
into its second decade, the TODAY show hosted by Maura Derrane, Daithí O Sé and Sinéad
Kennedy is back to brighten up your afternoons with an eclectic mix of food, fashion, and
entertainment. TODAY brings you the best expert advice from dreams to DIY with delicious
recipes from the top chefs in the country. We have the biggest and brightest stars on the planet
in studio every week-day and our news panel will keep you up to date with the latest headlines
from home and abroad. The ever-popular 50/50 quiz returns but as you’ve never seen it before
and we have brand new competitions and great cash giveaways galore. The irrepressible James
Patrice will be roaming the nation (and beyond) bringing us YOUR stories from the four corners
of the country. Blaithnaid Treacy will be showing us what’s trending in the fashion world, and
speaking of fashion – The always popular ‘make-over’ is back – so if you know of someone who
deserves the ultimate pampering experience – get in touch! The TODAY book club is up and
running. With 10K followers we reckon we must be the biggest book club in the country! – BUT
what are you reading? Let us know!

Ireland’s Fittest Family is back this autumn for its 10th season! Presenter Mairead Ronan is
back on the hunt to find the nation’s Fittest Family, with coaches Davy Fitzgerald, Anna Geary,
Donncha O’Callaghan and Nina Carberry all ready to push the families to their limits and over
the finish line for the coveted title and €15,000.

Dancing With The Stars

RTÉ’S hit series Dancing with the Stars is set to return in January 2023
bringing the sparkle back to Sunday nights! The hugely popular entertainment series, which
sees familiar faces from the world of entertainment team up with a professional dancer to
perform a live routine each week, promises to bring even more glamour and glitz in the New
Year as 11 new celebrities will take to the floor all hoping to get their hands on the coveted
Glitterball Trophy. But they have to impress the tough talking Judges Loraine Barry, Brian
Redmond and Arthur Gourounlian who are set to return for season 6.

Callan’s Kicks returns for a 20th series as Micheál and Leo face a new British PM said to be
madder than a box of Borises, ahead of their winter jolly job swap. Ireland heads for blackouts
and big bills in a period that shall be known as the ‘post-Garth Brooks Boom’. Mary Lou keeps
TikTok’ing her way to the top while we wait for a World Cup disaster in the desert. As ever the
two Tommy Tiernans continue, Marty Parties forever plus Michael D and Sabina try hard to
write fewer letters. Starring Oliver Callan and company. On RTÉ Radio One, Fridays 6.30pm and
on Podcast everywhere from October.

Callan Kicks the Year returns for the third winter running on RTÉ One looking back on 2022 in
the only annual news review that truly doesn’t matter. Enjoy the craic as we remember the end
of Nphet, the fall of Boris, health exits, heatwaves, an Oscars slap, a farewell to Claire Byrne
Live, Dublin Airport going to Hell, turf wars, Michael Collins mania, endless nights of Garth
Brooks, a desert World Cup, a Bono memoir, Micheál and Leo’s jolly job swap plus assorted Irish
scandal shambles. Starring Oliver Callan (Callan’s Kicks) and directed by James Cotter (Republic
of Telly), Blindboy Undestroys the World, Zen Motoring).


North Atlantic Presented by Irish underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan with a reflective,
insightful narrative and featuring blue-chip natural history scenes bringing the viewer into the
actual moment of discovery of marine creatures. Conservation runs through all story threads
while paying homage to ancient spirit of exploration. We challenged ourselves to produce
something better than has ever been done before … For any broadcaster. Ken O’Sullivan is an
underwater cameraman, documentary filmmaker and successful author. He has been making
conservation focussed natural history documentaries since 2007, long before it was topical.
Ken’s family lived for 250 years on a small is-land off Ireland’s North Atlantic coast. Inheriting a
love of the shore, its creatures and the seasons, from his father and uncles, Ken then made the
step none of his family or ancestors could, by becoming a diver and exploring the underwater
world of the North Atlantic and its amazing animals and habitats. All of Ken’s work is told
through personal, insight and experience through a rich central narrative. In 2018 Ken donated
all his work to the Edu-cation system in Ireland and it is now part of the secondary school
curriculum. His best-selling book, Stories from the Deep was published in 2019 to great critical

How Long Will You Live? Presented by Dr Phil Kieran. RTÉ’s innovative health brand is back on
a mission to help people all over Ireland live healthier, happier and longer lives. An exciting new
series that promises to help people increase their life expectancy. In each episode we profile a
contributor who has neglected their health. This person undergoes rigorous medical and fitness
testing which reveals the negative impact that their lifestyle is having on their life expectancy.
Our doctor then gives a 6-week plan of action and challenges them to improve their life
expectancy. Can they change how long they will live? How Long Will You Live? delivers 6
emotional, relatable health journeys, measurable success and life changing results, along with
takeaway health information and advice for viewers. Each show features one contributor on
their journey to longer life. After medical and fitness testing, our contributors will be guided by
our doctor through a bespoke 6-week programme designed to get their health and wellbeing
back on track, and hopefully extend their longevity. With the help and support of family,
friends and a team of health professionals they will attempt to achieve significant
improvements in their general health, as well as adding years to their predicted life span. At the
end of the 6 weeks the contributor repeats the series of tests and their new and improved
predicted life expectancy is revealed.

Keys To My Life. Brendan Courtney coaxes more poignant memories and time-travelling
revelations from 8 well-known Irish National Treasures as he accompanies them on a nostalgic
journey back to the places that have meant most to them over the course of their colourful
lives. This year’s guests include Mary Kennedy, Majella O’ Donnell, Luke O’ Neill, Frances Black,
Ronnie Whelan, Jon Kenny and Bryan Murray.

Foster & Allen Lost In Music Foster & Allen have been together for over 40 years. They have released 30 albums, scored five no. 1 records and achieved over 20 million sales worldwide. They’ve done it all and now they have decided to engage with a whole new generation of Irish artists in a new musical adventure to put on the show of a lifetime. Foster & Allen are pushing their musical boat right out to try something nobody is expecting. They have decided to stage a live concert performing new interpretations of both old and new songs collaborating with new and emerging artists including chart topping DJ Robbie G and musicians Steo Wall, Toshín, Pádraig Jack, Ailbhe Reddy, Míde Houlihan and Strange Boy. This will be Foster & Allen as nobody has ever heard them before, exploring new musical genres and collaborating with younger, hipper artists to reinvent themselves for a whole new generation. This two-part music entertainment series will follow them as they embark on this musical journey.

Davy’s Toughest Team. GAA Manager Davy Fitzgerald has spent 30 years on the field
motivating young men and women to succeed. In this documentary series, he uses his
experience to train and mentor a brand-new team unlike any he has worked with before. Each
coming from different backgrounds and hoping to create a brighter future for themselves, this
team are starting from scratch. Davy must find a way to motivate them and build their mental
and physical strength in just three months as they prepare for an ambitious Iceland trek set to
test them to their limits. Will they have what it takes to make it to the end?

DIY SOS Ukraine Special
Kingston College in Mitchelstown, North Cork, is a community of 31 small terraced houses
which are grouped around a large square with a chapel as its central focus. The houses were
built by James, fourth lord baron Kingston to cater for former tenants on his estate and have
been providing housing to the needy, since 1761. The houses are in trust to three Church of
Ireland Bishops and one of these is Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross Dr Paul Colton. It was he
and diocesan secretary Billy Skuse who, having watched the plight of the Ukrainian people and
their current exodus due to the Russian invasion of their country, decided to put out an appeal
to try and raise money to do up some of the vacant buildings to house refugees and their
families. The support they received was beyond expectations. There are currently thousands of
Ukrainian refugees in temporary homes in Cork, and the support and good will from the
community towards them has been immense. They needed the help of Baz Ashmawy and his
DIYSOS team however, to turn it around quickly and to draw on the existing support that we
had received from trades, suppliers and volunteers from within the community of Cork and
beyond. Timing is everything with this project, and the DIYSOS family is no stranger to time
pressure! Six houses, six gardens and a communal garden for good measure, made this by far
our biggest build yet and by turning it all around in this short time, we provided temporary
housing for six very needy families from the Ukrainian community. Kingston College is situated
right in the middle of the friendly and welcoming town of Mitchelstown and the community
really rallied around us for this build. Volunteers from all nationalities came together to help
these families, and the community garden itself provided further opportunity for local
integration as our garden designer Diarmuid Gavin was well qualified to turn it into a legacy
space that will benefit the town and the community for many, many years to come. We
brought our top team in for this build, with Aoife Rhattigan and Kerry Hiddleston working
together to oversee the design, and the experience of Brandon Duarte from MMD Construction
overseeing the build with the help of his two foremen, Richie Doyle and Dan Farrell. Diarmuid
Gavin oversaw the garden design with his trusty deputies, Paul Smyth and Kalin Kelly.

Takeaway Titans – the search for Ireland’s best takeaway
Ireland’s takeaway scene has exploded over the last few years – traditionally a space for fish
and chips, Irish customers can enjoy delicious food from every corner of the globe in their very
own sitting room. Takeaway Titans is the show that seeks out the best takeaway talent and puts
them to the test to see who comes out on top. Hosted by James Kavanagh and Carl Mullan, top
takeaway chefs from Ireland’s best Chippers, Asian, Indian, Pizza and Burger and Chicken joints,
come to the Takeaway Titans Kitchen to cook up a storm for our discerning judges. Irish chef
and renowned critic Dylan McGrath and takeaway expert and winner of Britain’s Best Home
Cook Suzie Lee Arbuthnot, will judge the takeaway teams based on their creativity and skill –
they are looking for delicious food and nothing less will do. Top Irish celebrities join the judges
to taste some of the food – guests include Deirdre O’Kane, Hugh Wallace, Norma Sheehan, Jake
Carter and Rory O’Connor aka Rory’s Stories. The six-part series is made up of 5 heat episodes
and one final. Each themed heat will see three takeaway teams cook their best-selling dishes,
some fantasy takeaway dishes and a judges mystery challenge to keep them on their toes. At
the end of three challenges one team will make it through to the final. The five final teams
return to the Takeaway Titans kitchen and must choose one dish from their menu and cook not
just for Dylan and Suzie, but for the toughest judges of them all – the public. Who will deliver
the most delicious food? Takeaway Titans starts on the 8th of September at 9.35pm on RTÉ2.

Build Your Own… Home
“Build Your Own” follows the trials and tribulations of homeowners from across Ireland, as they
take on the mammoth challenge of building their own home – under the watchful eye of master
builder and teacher, Harrison Gardiner. Over days, weeks and months of hard labour the
homeowners are taught and mentored by Harrison, who believes that anyone can learn how to
build. Among the ranks of these brave students are a young Dublin couple with high rent, a
mortgage and childcare costs to carry, two driven and cash strapped circus performers and a
49-year-old Cork woman, who has put every cent she has into this build. With so much at stake
Harrison is faced with his own personal challenge –to do his absolute best to get his new
students into a new home – whatever it takes! These time and budget stretched homeowners
have very little choice but to persist with the back breaking work themselves, as the cost of
materials and labour continues to skyrocket. As the seasons change, we follow the ups and
downs of life as a self-builder and what it takes to learn how to build your own home. From a
suburban Dublin extension to an idyllic Limerick farmhouse, to a brand-new build in Cork, to a
ramshackle Westmeath cottage “Build Your Own” follows hardy homeowners / apprentice
builders, who defy modern convention, by literally trying to do the build work themselves. With
tight budgets, time pressures, hostile weather and a whole raft of skills to learn over-night, will
these rooky builders succeed in the fundamental goal of having their own ‘forever ‘home? Will
the physical pain be worth the financial gain? “Build Your Own”, is an inspiring, enlightening
and bold new series for RTÉ One.

FOSTER & ALLEN: LOST IN MUSIC Foster & Allen have been together for over 40 years. They have released 30 albums, scored five no. 1 records and achieved over 20 million sales worldwide. They’ve done it all and now they have decided to engage with a whole new generation of Irish artists in a new musical adventure to put on the show of a lifetime. Foster & Allen are pushing their musical boat right out to try something nobody is expecting. They have decided to stage a live concert performing new interpretations of both old and new songs collaborating with new and emerging artists including chart topping DJ Robbie G and musicians Steo Wall, Toshín, Pádraig Jack, Ailbhe Reddy, Míde Houlihan and Strange Boy. This will be Foster & Allen as nobody has ever heard them before, exploring new musical genres and collaborating with younger, hipper artists to reinvent themselves for a whole new generation. This two-part music entertainment series will follow them as they embark on this musical journey.

Room To Improve
The new series of Room to Improve will be hitting the screens with exciting new projects for
Dermot Bannon. There will be a 1950’s council house in the heart of Lucan Village owned by
Ross & Caitriona Boxshall. Ross and Caitriona have been waiting for right concept for their
home, their budget is tight and they have a list of “must haves”. Will Dermot be able to
transform their home to what they dream of? Claire Irwin QS will have a tough job to make this
budget come in within the clients’ budget, especially with spirally price increases in
construction. Dermot also travels to Tullamore to reconstruct the home of Amy O’Driscoll &
Conor Dunne. Their home is the family home of Conor’s grandmother that is in desperate need
of a complete renovation, the house has been derelict since his grandmother passed away. This
is a tricky build for Dermot as there may be a few surprises when dealing with such an old
building. Dermot then returns to Blessington to complete the build for Hugh & Carmel O’Neill
(NOTE: We saw their daughter Hilary’s build in the last series) who are downsizing from their
stunning family home overlooking the Blessington Lakes. Will Dermot be able to manage Hugh
& Carmel’s expectations? The final build for Dermot in the series is for Andy & Anne-Marie Gray
in Castleknock. Andy & Anne-Marie want to extend their three-bed semi-detached home to
work for their family. Since Covid Andy & Anne-Marie really felt the house was just too small &
need to change the layout and extend on the ground floor. Their home just isn’t working for
them whatsoever and storage has become a huge problem. Also, with their two boys growing,
so they are trying to incorporate more space for all of them to have their own space!

Cheap Irish Homes, Series 3. This new series of Cheap Irish Homes is all about value and
presenter Maggie Molloy is on a mission to find Ireland’s most reasonably priced properties.
From forgotten farm houses to bargain bungalows, Maggie and her co-presenter, Building
Engineer Kieran McCarthy, travel all over Ireland showing properties with potential to buyers
on a budget. As house prices rise, Maggie and Kieran want to show that there is still great value
to be had if you look in the right places. In this series we’ll also discover there’s more than one
way to meet the mortgage as options for combining residential with business opportunities are

Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes: Scotland and Spain. Dermot takes to the road once more,
to explore architecture and design in Spain and Scotland. In Spain, he travels to Catalonia, and
just beyond. He talks to the ex -Mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos, to learn about Barcelona’s
historical, and recent award winning, urban design. He gains access, for the first time ever, to
one Gaudi designed apartment. And he meets home-owners to discuss what inspired them to
create their most unusual and breath-taking houses. In Scotland, Dermot takes the high road
(and also takes the low road,) to explore Scottish architecture. From Edinburgh to Glasgow,
from the Isle of Skye to the Highlands, Dermot discovers that mother nature plays a huge part
in Scottish design. From an 800 year old castle, to the sustainable and customised kit houses on
the Isle of Skye, from the quirkiest house in Edinburgh to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and
Margaret Macdonald’s Hill House, Scotland is bursting with incredible historical and
contemporary architecture.

Operation Transformation. Following in the footsteps of Kathleen, Stefano, Sarah, John and
Katie, five new leaders will take on the task of adopting a healthier lifestyle. The experts and
cameras will be with them all the way as they share their transformation with their families,
communities and the nation, following a food and fitness plan everybody can follow on
and the show’s dedicated app. There will be lots of new healthy and cost-effective meal ideas
and a plan that can improve your level of fitness and even pass the minimum fitness test,
created in collaboration with DCU School of Health and Human Resources.

The Island Three-part natural history series presented by Liz Bonnin that travels across long-lost
continents and millenia to trace the physical development of the island of Ireland … over 1.8
billion years in the making. Supported by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland, RTÉ, The National
Geological Survey of Ireland and BBC Northern Ireland.

What Planet Are You On? Maia Dunphy presents the third series of the domestic sustainability
series in which three Irish families lead a national campaign to help reduce our negative impact
on the planet. Supported by RTÉ and Science Foundation Ireland.

Liam Brady: The Italian Job Shot on location in Ireland, England and Italy, Liam Brady tells his
own scarcely believable story that saw him play at Arsenal, Juventus, Sampdoria, Inter Milan,
Ascoli and West Ham United while earning 72 international caps for the Republic of Ireland.
Morning Ireland Munster Arms Hotel – On RTÉ Radio 1 and our digital news channel from 7am
to 9am, with an extended programme available on digital only to 9:30am. Guests include
historians Professor Diarmaid Ferriter and Dr. Gabriel Doherty.

Cold Case Collins – RTÉ and independent production company Loosehorse shed new light on
one of Irish history’s darkest corners. Key partners in the Cold Case Collins project include the
Technical Bureau of An Garda Síochána, Forensic Science Ireland, the Irish Defence Forces and
the National Museum of Ireland. Helen Collins, a descendant of the Collins family, has also
actively contributed to the programme. The team behind Cold Case Collins has an exceptional
track record in this genre, re-invigorating the telling of history for television through a number
of award-winning, innovative ‘twisty-history’ concepts. Supported by the Broadcasting
Authority of Ireland’s Sound and Vision fund.

Page Turners. We’re a nation of readers. With three quarters of the Irish population avidly
reading more than six books per year and a whopping 42% of us managing our way through
twelve page-turners or more. And nowhere is this seen more than the rise in popularity of book
clubs in Ireland. In this new four-part docu-series we dip into multiple book clubs across the
country. A wide cast from diverse backgrounds will chat literally and literarily. From romance
to politics, sci-fi to adventure, self-help to what’s going on with our communities, families and
friends. These social meetings are unique, an outlet that allows us to discuss the gamut of life’s
pleasures and demands. Filmed using fix-rig cameras, our book clubs speak freely, as they
discuss what they have read and how it relates to their world

The Irish Civil War – Produced by Tyrone Productions and Create One for RTÉ Cork as part of
the decade of centenary commemorations, in association with UCC’s Department of History
and Department of Geography and based on the critically acclaimed Atlas of the Irish
Revolution, this 3-part documentary series will deliver a challenging and detailed consideration
of those seminal years. The series will be narrated by Brendan Gleeson and was written and
directed by Ruán Magan. Of the score composed by Natasa Paulberg working with the RTÉ
Concert Orchestra, the approach was to blend classical, contemporary and Irish traditional
influences to create a unique sound for the series that reflects Ireland’s past, but also one that
alludes to its future. The score features a live orchestra, electronics, and orchestral percussion
that combines with the bodhrán played by Rónán Ó Snodaigh. The use of the female voice and
representation of women is an integral part of the series hence the score features beautiful
vocals by singer AVA [Éabha McMahon] and an orchestral rendition of Seán Ó Riada’s Mná na
hÉireann [Women of Ireland], and finally a stirring version of Port na bPucaí by Colm Mac Con
Iomaire. Supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media
under the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023.

Beyond the Bullets: Real Life During The War Years – Produced by IndiePics and supported by
the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of
Centenaries Programme 2012-2023. This social history series uses a blend of text, archive, data,
dramatic reconstruction and music of the period to paint a vivid picture of what life in Ireland
was like during the significant years between 1921 and 1923. ‘Beyond the Bullets’ will examine
subjects like work and working conditions, sexual mores, education, class and leisure.
After The Silence: The Civil War Memory Project – An oral history project in association with
the National Folklore Collection [based at UCD], RTÉ, Scratch Films and the Department of
Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Decade of Centenaries
Programme 2012-2023. The social and political upheavals of this period profoundly affected the
lives of many families and communities. Left any longer, these stories and memories will
disappear. By inviting Irish people to tell of the involvement of their own families and local
communities in this period of our history, this project is creating an important archival resource
for future generations.

The County Measure – On RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday mornings from 10am, this six-part run is
currently on air until 4th of September. The County Measure series will eventually consist of 32
programmes – one per county – and will be broadcast over a two-year period. The series is
supported by D/TCAGSM as part of the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023.
A Deal with the Devil – Both ‘The Enemy Files’ and ‘Hawks and Doves’ chronicled Britain’s
response to a republican uprising in Ireland, which led to a revolutionary generation being torn
in two. ‘A Deal with The Devil’ details Britain’s role in perpetrating the split. Men who had killed
together were now killing each other and Britain backed those who would honour the AngloIrish Treaty. Like ‘The Enemy Files’ and ‘Hawks and Doves’, ‘A Deal with the Devil’ is produced
by Midas Productions.

The Wrong Side of History – Produced by Strident Media, RTÉ’s Europe Editor, Tony Connelly,
unpacks a thought-provoking story that takes him from Galway to Kerry and Tipperary and then
onto to Ballycastle, Armoy and Larne.

Communism, Sex, and All That Jazz – Presented by Katie Hannon, this two-part series is
produced by Midas Productions and is an exploration into the heart of the National Archives
that seeks to answer a key question that we face as the Decade of Centenaries comes to a
close: what did we do with our independence when we achieved statehood?

Two Tribes – Presented by Sean O’Rourke, Two Tribes, follows the diverging paths taken by
Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael in the post-civil war landscape, their political dominance over the last
100 years and questions their identities. Forged in a civil war, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have
dominated the Irish political landscape. But with both parties snuggly positioned in the middle
of the road and with jeopardy lurking to the left, Two Tribes – a two-part series – ponders what
their futures look like. And their relevance in Ireland’s 21st century political terrain?

Lady Gregory, Ireland’s First Social Influencer – This is a two-part Arts and Culture documentary
series produced by Kite Entertainment. Miriam Margolyes is about to go on stage at the Abbey
Theatre, performing Lady Augusta Gregory’s Cathleen Ní Houlihan. But first, in order to fully
inhabit the part, she’s going to take a road trip around Ireland to understand the legacy of this
complicated and often overlooked woman in the company of Senator Lynn Ruane.
The History Show – ‘The History Show’ on RTÉ Radio 1 will return on October 23rd at 6pm and
will continue to mark major anniversaries and cover new publications related to the Decade of

RTÉ Player – Discover a catalogue of historical drama and documentaries on RTÉ Player.
Rebellion’ and ‘Resistance’ are two recent history-themed dramas while the documentaries
Bloody Sunday, 1920’, ‘The Irish Revolution’ and ‘74 Days: The Hunger Strike of Terence
, are also now available on RTÉ Player. Factual docs like ‘Border Lives’ and ‘Ireland’s
’, as well as the series of reflections on the revolutionary period in Ireland, led by
Uachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D. Higgins – Machnamh 100 – are also available to stream. All
upcoming Decade of Centenaries programming will be available live and on-demand on RTÉ

Nationwide – To mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Michael Collins, on 17th August,
Nationwide looks back at the life of a man who, despite dying at the age of just 32, helped alter
the course of modern Irish history. Donal Byrne has been looking at Collins’s early life and
influences and hears how he became a master political strategist and organiser. He looks at
some of the mythology surrounding Collins and also hears how the circumstances of his death
during an ambush in West Cork remain a matter of intrigue to this day. This year [2022], An
Garda Síochána will hold a major public event to mark the 100th anniversary of its
foundation. Born out of revolution and war, An Garda Siochana has evolved from being a force
that, for many years, dealt with little very serious crime to an organisation that has had to
adjust to dealing with organised crime and all of the complexities of modern Irish life. On
August 22nd Donal Byrne meets some of the women and men who serve in the force today – a
force that has had its culture and diversity revolutionised in recent years.

Forgotten – The Widows of the Irish Revolution – Told the stories of the hidden heroines and
their children who battled on to live for Ireland. Neglected, side-lined, left in the shadows of
their dead husbands, the stories of these women had never been told before on national
television. Directed by Ciara Hyland of Wonder Pics for RTÉ and broadcast in May 2022,
Forgotten was also supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport
and Media under the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023.

The New Season on RTÉ sees more top-class Irish and international sport, live and free-to-air,
than ever before across RTÉ. All 64 games from the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be live on
RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player. In total RTÉ will have almost 200 hours of coverage culminating in the
FIFA World Cup Final on December 18 and RTÉ’s unrivalled team of presenters, panellists and
commentators will bring Irish viewers every minute live.

As the nation winds-down from the excitement and thrills of the GAA Championships, RTÉ will
have live AIB GAA Club Championship action throughout the autumn to keep GAA fans
entertained as the nights draw in. The new year will see the Allianz National Leagues return
with RTÉ again set to bring fans live action in both Hurling and Football from around the
The second season of the United Rugby Championship kicks-off on the weekend of September
16 with live games on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player, in partnership with TG4, right through the season.
The Six Nations returns in early February with RTÉ again partnering with Virgin Media to bring
live coverage to Irish fans when Ireland will be looking to go one better than last year’s second
place finish.
The Republic of Ireland Men’s, Women’s and U21 soccer teams will all play crucial games live on
RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player in the coming months. The Men play Armenia and Scotland in The UEFA
Nations League
; the Women play Finland and Slovakia in September with a place in a FIFA
World Cup 2023 play-off
at stake; also in September the Men’s U21s face Israel in a play-off
with a place at the 2023 UEFA European Under-21s Championship up for grabs. The Men’s and
Women’s FAI Cup Finals
will be live on RTÉ2 in November.

RTÉ Radio will have live commentary, reports, features and results all through the new season
on RTÉ Radio 1’s Saturday Sport and Sunday Sport and on RTÉ 2fm’s Game On with RTÉ Sport
online keeping fans up-to-speed on all the latest sports news, views and features.

RTÉ will have full coverage of the Men’s and Women’s Rugby World Cup 7s from Cape Town in South Africa on September 9-11.  RTÉ Player will carry the entire tournament including all of Ireland’s matches in both tournaments while both World Cup Finals will be broadcast live on RTÉ2 from 7pm on Sunday 11 September.

UEFA Champions League The group stages continue on Tuesday nights on RTÉ2 with 6 games
from 6 September to 1 November. The knockout rounds begin in February with the Round of

The SSE Airtricity League The climax of the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division will be live on
RTÉ2 with the final round of games slated for Friday 4 November.

Allianz Leagues The Allianz National Football & Hurling Leagues begin in January culminating
with the finals in April, RTÉ will have live games on Saturday nights throughout the campaign.

AIB GAA Club Championships Saturday GAA Live returns on 17 September with the first live AIB
GAA Club Championships action on RTÉ2.

Racing continues on RTÉ2 with Champions Weekend from Leopardstown and the
Curragh on 10 & 11 of September with the winter highlight the Leopardstown Christmas
Festival live from St Stephen’s Day.

World Rowing Championships RTÉ2 will have live coverage and highlights from the World
Rowing Championships in Racice, Czech Republic on 24 & 25 of September.

RTÉ Arts & Culture 

Micheál Ó Súilleabháin : Between Worlds 

Micheál was a man who lived between worlds – between classical music and traditional music. This documentary will capture the essence of who Micheál Ó Súilleabháin really was and how he achieved so much for Ireland, both musically and culturally. Through thought-provoking interviews with his family, both his wives, contemporaries and former students, we will unearth the personal and professional story of Micheál’s worlds. 

Tommy Tiernan’s Epic West 

Ireland’s West has always been a place apart. It has has inspired countless artists, writers and thinkers. It is a place where both our dreams and our nightmares as a nation are at their most vivid. It exists in our minds as much as it does on a map, and it defies easy definitions. Presented by Tommy Tiernan, this two part series is a journey through the Irish imagination, a tapestry of stories mapping the intersections between landscape, mythology, history on the one hand and art and culture on the other. 

A Note for Nature 

A Note for Nature is a celebration and a call for help. Over the hour, through music with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and spoken word, we’ll reveal some of Ireland’s most fragile landscapes and the beleaguered animals that, somehow, manage to survive there. Performers include Christy Moore, Kíla, Clare Sands & Susan O’Neill, Alannah Thornburgh, Niamh Regan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Iarla Ó Lionáird, This is How We Fly and Tolü Makay. 

Francis Bacon: The Outsider 

A new diary reveals an unrecorded chapter in Francis Bacon’s life. U2’s Adam Clayton, a huge admirer of Frances Bacon retraces a trip Bacon took to Ireland in 1929, with his new friend and diarist, Eric Allden, painting a fresh picture of Bacon’s relationship with the land of his birth. 

The Works Presents In Part 2 of the 2022 season, guests include Conor McPherson – Writer, Annie Atkinson – Graphic Artist, Eimear Noone – Composer/Conductor 

Sebastian Barry: Family Stories Sebastian Barry, multi-award- winning writer, takes us on a journey which begins with his own history, the familial entanglements, the historical griefs of the past and the creative and hope-filled energies that family can release. 

Lady Gregory: Ireland’s First Social Influencer .A road trip with Miriam Margolyes and Lynn Ruane around Ireland and through the life of Lady Gregory. The two hour-long episodes will see “Lady Gregory: Ireland’s first Social Influencer” shine new light on a brilliant, driven and complex woman, whose work, influence and impact on Irish political and literary life has often been neglected in favour of those who she brought together around her dinner table and who drank her cellar dry. 

Face the Music. The sheer visual and aural joy of musical accomplishment make the Royal Irish Academy of Music a fascinating backdrop for this entertaining observational series. Face the Music will follow several students and teachers at the Royal Irish Academy of Music over a year filled with fierce competition, immense pressure, world-class performances and the unveiling of a brand-new building. 

Untameable. The bogs of Ireland have always been a contested land; a rural birth-right to some, an untameable frontier to others – where, for the poems of Seamus Heaney, they offered a reflection of who we really are. Now, while the survival of the peatlands remains uncertain, Colm Tóibín seeks to re-open the bog-inspired works of Heaney – and other artists – to cast new light on our relationship with nature and the changes we are facing. 

A & C Events 

Culture Night 2022 Seventeenth edition of Culture Night. It will consist of an OB event programme featuring performances, interviews & report VTs with live link-ups to cultural events in two to three regional venues. 

RTÉ Concert Orchestra – live broadcast from Lough Boora Bog 

The centrepiece of RTÉ’s celebration of Culture Night 2022 will be a live one-hour show broadcast from Lough Boora bog in County Offaly, RTÉ One at 7pm, Friday 23rd September. Set in an abandoned former Bord na Móna works shed located on the edge of beautiful bogland, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and a selection of special guest artists will perform before an audience of people drawn from the local area. While coming live from Lough Boora, the programme will also reflect on how Culture Night is happening in the moment all around the country by covering a range of events in various locations. 

Wexford international Opera. Some more gems from the Wexford Opera Festival 2022. 

RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards Live audience event from Vicar Street venue. The fifth annual RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards takes place, broadcasting live on radio, followed by television highlights. 

An Post Irish Book of the Year 1 x 50min television programme featuring the six books and authors shortlisted for the An Post Irish Book of the Year award, plus VT inserts. 

RTECO Presents – Thin Lizzy Orchestrated. For one night only, this August, the RTÉCO will be taking a live concert audience on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the enduring classics of, arguably, the best pure-rock band this country has ever produced, Thin LizzyThe courtyard of the National Museum in Dublin’s Collins Barracks will reverberate to the sounds of The Boys are Back in Town, The Rocker, Whiskey in the Jar, Old Town, and many, many more, as the RTÉCO are joined, on the night, by a host of Irish and International stars, relishing the chance to pay homage to Philo and the lads. The TV programme will be a live album-type experience, including exclusive backstage and rehearsal footage. 

County Measures A 32-part cultural survey on each county 100 years after the State began. RTÉ Radio 1 

RTÉ Short Story Competition In honour of Francis MacManus 2022   

With an increase in the prize fund to €5,000 and second and third prizes of €3,000 and €2,000, respectively, the long-running, prestigious RTÉ literary competition, seeking the best new fiction writing for radio, now attracts many thousands of entries each year. It culminates in a live Arena special where the judges discuss the shortlist of 10 and award the top prizes. All 10 shortlisted stories are broadcast, podcast, and published on Winner’s announcement: Sept 2022, RTÉ Radio 1 Arena Special.  

Spoken Stories 2: Creatures of the Earth.  

The series premieres 12 stories, commissioned by RTÉ Arts and Culture, with the support of BAI. Contributors are some of the most exciting present-day, award-winning writers associated with the form including Donal Ryan, Christine Dwyer Hickey, Éilis Ní Dhuibhne, Belinda McKeon, Billy O’Callaghan, Evegeny Schtorn, Caoilinn Hughes, Louise O’Neill, Lisa McInerney and Colin Walsh. The readers include the authors and specially-cast actors. Looming catastrophes, love, lost opportunities, family dynamics, personal freedoms, and new beginnings are among their themes. Settings include a secluded caravan in the Irish midlands, an all-girls boarding school in remote Australia, a subterranean cave nowhere in particular and a lakeside sauna in Finland. 

Lyric Beautiful music and entertainment all day long and into the evening from engaging presenters like Marty Whelan, John Kelly, Aedin Gormley and Liz Nolan. The Lyric Feature returns in October with a new season of programmes including the new 6-part series Root and Branch with ecologist Anja Murray (Nature File, Eco Eye) and musician Brían Mac Gloinn (Ye Vagabonds), celebrating our native trees and their place in our culture. 

Book on One Claire Keegan reads, in its entirety, her story “Small Things Like These, described as ‘a triumph’ (Frank McGuinness), ‘astonishing’ (Colm Tóibín), and ‘resonant and deeply moving’ (Hilary Mantel). Set in new Ross, Co. Wexford in 1985, in the weeks before Christmas, Bill Furlong, a coal and timber merchant feels the past rising up to meet him – and encounters the complicit silences of a people controlled by the Church. 

Arena Live daily arts show presented by Sean Rocks 

Rolling Wave, Céilí House, Folk on One, South Wind Blows: Specialist music shows on Radio 1 weekends – regional, folk, traditional, culture with expert presenters like Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Philip King, Kieran Hanrahan, Aoife Ní Chormaic 

Doc Unit
Stardust The Stardust disaster, in which 48 young people died and more than 200 were injured
when a fire ripped through a nightclub in Dublin’s northside in the early 1980s, is seared into
the hearts and minds of a generation. ‘Stardust’ is an RTE documentary series retelling the
disaster in the context of fresh evidence being presented to the inquest along with testimony
from some families who recount the tragedy for the very first time.

BROKE You work all week, yet struggle to make ends meet during a cost of living crisis. BROKE
tells the story of the people behind the headlines, doing their best to survive at a time of rising
food, energy and housing costs. From small business owners to healthcare workers, young
people considering their future in this country to others wondering how they will pay their next
bill, BROKE features a cross-section of Irish society aiming to balance their pay cheque amid
ever-increasing demands.

Saipan Rebel Without A Ball This is the story of Ireland’s greatest chance to reach the final
ounds of the World Cup. It’s a story that features two controversial figures who divided a
nation: Mick Mc Carthy, a respected and experienced manager and Roy Keane, arguably the
best midfield player in the world.
Twenty years later in a unique approach this programme will not just re-tell the dramatic and
controversial tale of Roy Keane leaving the Irish Soccer squad in Saipan. In a playful and
engaging style, the programme will explore questions like ‘How far would the team have gone
had Roy Keane stayed’? What might the outcome have been for the team and the country had
they advanced further? Featuring interviews with players and pundits like Jason McAteer, Shay
Given, Stephanie Roche, Bertie Ahern, Paul Kimmage and others, this programme will help us
relive and re-imagine our soccer dreams from Ireland’s heady world cup days.

The War at Home A documentary capturing the experiences and emotions of Ukrainians
travelling to Ireland, the Irish response to the crisis and the Ukrainian people as they watch the
invasion of their motherland from a distance of 3000 km. We witness the breadth of emotions
felt by Ukrainian and Irish people from the outbreak of war in February to the continuing crisis
which has seen over 40 thousand refugees enter the country. This film offers insight and
understanding into the Irish response and gives a voice to the Ukrainian people in Ireland as
they come to terms with a new life while watching their country being destroyed.

Car Wars At a time of huge flux in the world of cars and transport, a new documentary looks at
the cut throat world of the second-hand car trade in Ireland. The dealers, the buyers and the
pit-falls of owning a car during a time of soaring costs.

The Dart From Howth to Greystones and back again, ‘The Dart’ has been at the centre of the
Dublin areas transport experience for generations. This documentary aims to witness a variety
of hidden secrets from the dart. From the staff and operators who work on the service to the
diverse population of characters who use the dart every day we’ll bring you the transitory
stories that pass us by every day.

Irish Language
RTÉ continues to grow its range of Irish-language programming, with an exciting new season of
documentaries and series as Gaeilge ahead for audiences on RTÉ One.
The new season kicks off with a brand new series of the ever-popular Scannal which this
Autumn examines the unsolved case of the murder of Brian Stack, the only prison officer in the
Republic of Ireland to be killed during the Troubles; the ongoing Thalidomide scandal, the
Hillsborough disaster and, in a two-part Scannal special, the impact that the crash of an Air
India jet off the coast of West Cork in 1985 has had on people on both sides of the Atlantic
In late October, we focus on music in two very special documentaries. Acclaimed film-maker
Michael McCormack (Breaking Out) turns his lens on Dublin’s Cobblestone Pub, a mecca for
traditional musicians for decades, now facing an uncertain future. And in Ceol na nGael, a new
documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Altan’s Mairéad Ní
Mhaonaigh explores the important role the station has played in the story of modern
traditional music in Ireland.
Irish-language series also bring unique places and people to our screens this Autumn. A new
Irish-language documentary series, Mealladh na Mara, explores ordinary people’s
extraordinary relationships with the sea, taking us over, in and under water through the eyes of
people who are passionate about the seas that surround us. And we are delighted to announce
the return of Saol An Tréidlia, which, following the success of its first series, goes behind the
scenes once more at large and small-animal vet practises across Ireland charting the highs and
lows of veterinary life.
In Madraí a brand new RTÉ Gaeilge lifestyle series for RTE One, our crack team of vets and
animal behavioural specialists help stressed-out owners sort out their problem pooches. 999
Faoi Oiliúint is a 4-part observational series following some of our coastal and mountain
emergency rescue services through a busy season. And in Réaltaí na Gaeltachta, 5 well-known
Irish people go back to the Gaeltacht to relive bunk beds, curfews and the No-Béarla rule. Will
they survive and thrive – or be sent on the bus abhaile? Bígí linn ar RTÉ One an Fómhar seo!

RTÉ Radio 1
Another year begins in September on RTÉ Radio 1, and we promise to keep you informed and
The very successful Supercharged with Anna Geary is back for another series; featuring expert
advice and discussions, human stories on health and wellness and up to the minute health
news. It is great to have Anna Geary with her passion and knowledge in this area, as part of our
RTÉ Radio 1 schedule.
And this October 23-29 we are excited to bring a week long radio special event focusing on our
natural environment with Nature Nights on RTÉ Radio 1 featuring a new four part series
Custodians of Ireland, telling the stories of Irish people who protect, restore and conserve the
environment along with Mooney Goes Wild, Seascapes, Hot Mess and more innovative
programming focusing on the remarkable world of wildlife we have in Ireland, and how we can
react ‘like a moonshot in this time of climate crisis’.
The Irish Soundtrack with Fiachna O Braonain is a new four part series celebrating the story of
Irish film, television and screen music from the early 1900s to the present day. The series
explores what role music in Irish cinema has helped to shape our identity, while reminding us of
favourite cinema moments, from Mise Éire to My Left Foot, The Quiet Man to An Cailín Ciúin.
The multi-award winning Documentary on One team continue to bring us deep into stories that
inform and entertain each Saturday.

Across our daily schedules:
Today with Claire Byrne will continue to bring listeners the latest in news, analysis and
entertainment every weekday morning from 10am. On 15th September 2022, Claire will shine a
spotlight on the cost-of-living crisis, broadcasting a special pre-budget programme from
Dundalk IT.
RTÉ Radio 1 will once again visit the Ploughing Championships in 2022. The Ray D’Arcy Show
will broadcast the best in chat, craic agus ceol live from Ratheniska on Tuesday 20th
September. The ever-engaging Joe Duffy and friends will be live with a Liveline (weekdays
1.45pm) ‘Funny Thursday’ special on the 22nd September.

Weekend listeners can expect to be informed and entertained by the inimitable Brendan
(Sat & Sun 11am – 1pm), not least during the October bank holiday weekend when
he’ll be heading home to his native Cork, broadcasting live from the Jazz Festival.
As the Dáil returns and politics heat up once more, Katie Hannon will bring listeners the best in
political comment and analysis during The Late Debate (Tues, Weds, Thurs 10pm, returning
14th September) and Saturday with Katie Hannon (returning Saturday 17th September 1pm).
Back for the new season after a summer break will be Miriam O’Callaghan and her eponymous
Sunday morning show (returns Sunday 11th September, 10am) and The Business with Richard
Curran (returns Saturday 3rd September 10am).
The Ryan Tubridy Show will continue to broadcast an hour of stimulating radio every weekday
morning from 9am.
Drivetime with Sarah McInerney and Cormac O’hEadhra will continue to engage and inform
listeners on the stories of the day, every weekday from 4.30pm.


Across our fifty hours of music on RTÉ Radio 1, we continue to bring a wide and eclectic mix to
the listener with classic cuts, alongside the best in new releases. Our support of Irish music is
central to what we do on RTÉ Radio 1 and this can be heard across our daily music shows Rising
Time with Shay Byrne and Lilian Smith, The Ronan Collins Show, The John Creedon Show, Late
with Cathal Murray and Fiachna O’Braonain and our weekly shows South Wind Blows
with Philip King, Country Time and Caravan Radio with Oisin Leech.
Ceili House, The Rolling Wave and Folk on One are dedicated totally to folk and traditional
music reflecting the vibrant and dynamic contemporary traditional scene in Ireland at the
moment, which culminates in our annual celebration at the RTÉ Radio1 Folk Awards which
honours and acknowledges these artists and their contribution.

Bank Holiday specials include innovative programming with The County Measure; A Radio Atlas
of Ireland, Mise Freshin
’ and The RTÉ Concert Orchestra Presents.
Sunday Miscellany and Spoken Stories continue to commission writing from across the
country, with large coverage of the arts happening weekday evenings with Arena.
The Poetry Show and The History Show will be back this autumn for more insights from our
poets and historians.

SPORT on RTÉ Radio 1
Another year of sport begins and RTÉ Radio One will be there for all the big events – national
and international, with live commentaries, discussion and analysis on Saturday and Sunday

From rugby where the provinces soon start their campaigns again, then November
internationals and the Six Nations through to the World Cup in September 2023. Radio One will
be at them all.
The GAA Club season takes us up to Christmas and then the inter-county Allianz Leagues and
Championships in the New Year.
Soccer – the domestic leagues reach their climax this Autumn in time for the World Cup. While
Ireland won’t be there, we’ll have the Nation’s League fixtures and the qualifying campaign for
Euro 2024 which begins next Spring.
And of course, we’ll be there for all rest of the action as well – all the big days in all the sports –
live on RTÉ Radio One.

There will be beautiful music and entertainment all day long and into the evening from
engaging presenters like Marty Whelan, John Kelly, Aedin Gormley and Liz Nolan.
RTÉ lyric Live continues the Friday night broadcasts at 7.00pm with the National Symphony
Orchestra from September 9th for the 2022/23 season from the National Concert Hall.
The Lyric Feature returns in October with a timely series of six programmes, Root and Branch,
by ecologist Anja Murray and musician Brían MacGloinn (Ye Vagabonds) looking through
science, lore and song at the place of our native trees in our culture. Mary Brophy brings us
behind the scenes of the Wexford Festival Opera as the creative team prepare for the festival’s
71st edition. Later in the season Patrick Kavanagh’s Raglan Road and Kate O’Brien’s Mary
are both the subjects of new full length radio documentaries.
Opera Night with Paul Herriott continues with highlights of the season:
In November, RTÉ lyric Live presented by Paul Herriott brings us four new exciting operatic
productions from Wexford Festival Opera 2022: La Tempesta by Halvey, Lalla-Roukh by David,
Armida by Dvorak and Cinderella by Alma Deutscher
The Met Season on RTÉ lyric FM opens with Pulitzer prize-winning composer Kevin Puts with
his latest opera The Hours on December 12th, 7pm and the season brings together top vocal
talent for opera favourites from La Traviata to Aida and more.
As Nature File, each Saturday on Daybreak moves in to Autumn, Anja Murray explores some of
the lesser-known realms of nature in Ireland, from bracket fungus and freshwater pearl
mussels, to the science behind the changing colour of autumn leaves and the wintry world of
woolly mammoths in Ice Age Ireland.