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Series Overview:

Join top chef Mark as he brings a new collection of recipes to the screen in “Off Duty Chef”. This series focuses on the techniques and tips that you’ll need to master basic recipes at home in your kitchen. Despite being a multi-award-winning chef with every ingredient at his fingertips, Mark Moriarty loves to cook simple and wholesome dishes when he’s off the clock and not in his chef whites. This series aims to inspire and encourage the home cook to get the foundations of cookery right. Mark will be sharing his professional kitchen experience in his “How to Perfect” series, where he’ll be covering everything from knife skills and butchery to how to master simple but effective egg and fish dishes.

“I’m delighted to be back on RTÉ One with my brand-new series ‘Off Duty Chef’ thanks to show sponsors Marks and Spencer. This series is all about combining simple, everyday ingredients with tips and techniques from the professional kitchen to create delicious meals at home. I’m also bringing things back to basics with my ‘How to Perfect’ segment that touches on everything from how to boil an egg to mastering knife skills,” said Mark.

Since his first TV series in 2019, Mark has been praised for his simple and professional yet down-to-earth approach to cookery and Off Duty Chef really speaks to this, think of it as your favourite dishes, taught to you by a Michelin star chef in your home kitchen. “Notions” are left at the door, but of course, you can expect Mark to bring your dishes to the next level with his plating up suggestions and techniques on how to impress your dinner guests or your family!

Each episode focuses on three key recipes where Mark will create and talk through each step thoroughly, using his unrivalled knowledge of ingredients and methods. In each episode, he’ll be creating three key dishes, a speedy main/lunch designed with busy days in mind, a more involved main dish and a restaurant standard dessert.

Sponsored by Marks & Spencer