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TCICF2_Ep3_Esther_Leonard Image Name: TCICF2_Ep3_Esther_Leonard
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TCICF Ep3 FrankMcCann Image Name: TCICF Ep3 FrankMcCann
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TCICF Ep3 Esther and Jessica Mc Cann Image Name: TCICF Ep3 Esther and Jessica Mc Cann

Series 2, Episode 3

Episode 3:

In The Murders of Esther & Jessica McCann, retired Garda Sergeant Pat Treacy and Superintendent Martin Walker recall one of the most harrowing cases of their career. In September 1992, Esther and her 18 month old daughter Jessica perished in a house fire at their home in south Dublin. What seemed like a tragic accident takes a more sinister turn when Pat and Martin uncover a series of threats against Esther’s husband, publican and highly regarded swimming coach, Frank McCann in the months leading up to the fatal fire. He is adamant that someone is targeting him but as the detectives dig deeper, a web of deception emerges with Frank at its centre. Esther’s niece Esther Leonard describes the effect of her aunt’s murder and the loss of baby Jessica on her close knit family, and her fears for the future when their murderer walks free.