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The 2 Johnnies Image Name: The 2 Johnnies Description: Repro Free: 18/08/2021 **Embargoed untill 19/08/2021** The Two Johnnies pictured as RTÉ hosted its New Season Launch highlighting programming across RTÉ platforms on TV, Radio and Online. It showcased a new slate of unmissable homegrown drama, new talent and brand-new shows, the most free-to-air sport available to audiences in Ireland and the return of firm favourites to screens. From sport to new entertainment formats, drama to young people's programming, RTÉ is the place for entertainment and escapism this new season. Picture Andres Poveda Copyright: RTÉ Picture Andres Poveda
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New Season Launch Image Name: New Season Launch

The 2 Johnnies Take On The Green Jersey – episode 4

Who knew bog snorkelling was an international sport or that Tug-of-War was once an Olympic team event? In this episode, the 2 Johnnies want to don the green jersey for Ireland but first they need a sport to represent the country. And in true 2 Johnnies shtyle, they won’t be taking the most well-trodden route. First up it’s a cricket lesson from Irish International legend Kevin O’Brien. The lads then head off-piste to Kilternan, where they get to grips with the ski slopes.

Over the course of this episode, they also try their hand at clay pigeon shooting and find themselves in uncharted waters at the National Aquatic Centre but will they take the plunge off a 10-metre diving board? Fiinally the lads are taken on by a Cork American football team and manage to make the trials for the Irish Wolfhounds… will they make the cut?

Series Overview:

The 2 Johnnies make their return to TV screens this autumn with a brand-new four-part series which will see them take on the worlds of Urban Art, TikTok, & Gaming and even see them try don the Green Jersey as they tackle some of the world’s most niche sports. The 2 Johnnies travel all over Ireland meeting experts, stars, and crazy characters, while taking on some big challenges for themselves, which sees them completely out of their depth and way out of their comfort zone!

The 2 Johnnies will explain and demystify each topic and the world it occupies, providing real insights for viewers at home by deconstructing the skills required to make it in this unfamiliar territory themselves. In each episode, our intrepid duo immerse themselves in these unknown worlds, doing a deep dive, finding out what it takes to get to the top, taking instruction from the biggest names in the industry and challenging themselves to succeed in it, with the usual mayhem and laughter as we watch if they survive or thrive!

About The 2 Johnnies

Johnny B and Johnny Smacks who are well known for their comedy sketches which capture the uniquely funny side of all things Irish, launched ‘The 2 Johnnies’ podcast in 2018, which has since gone on to become Ireland’s fastest-growing podcast with over half a million listeners a week. Together, they have had nine number-one singles and have just released their latest track Noel’s Creamy Pints. They have sold over 40,000 concert tickets including the Marquee in Cork and sold-out tours visiting UK, USA and Australia. The lads also have a social media reach of over 2 million people a week and almost 200k subscribers on Youtube. Since moving exclusively to

Spotify earlier this year, the Podcast is the country’s fastest growing show and is picking up big numbers in the USA, Canada and Australia.