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GavanRing_Credit_Frances_Marshall Image Name: GavanRing_Credit_Frances_Marshall Description: GavanRing_Credit_Frances_Marshall

Sigismondo, King of Poland, performed by Marianna Pizzolato, has jettisoned his wife, sung by Hera Hyesang Park, at the behest of a rancorous first minister, performed by Kenneth Tarver, himself a frustrated admirer of the exiled queen. Through much confusion and mental derangement inner feelings revealed and the delirium brings the truth to light. This production includes Irish opera stars Gavan Ring as Ladislao, the prime minister of Poland’s confidant and Rachel Kelly as Ladislao’s sister. The Munich Rundfunk Orchestra and the Chorus of the Bayerishe Rundfunk is conducted by Kerri-Lynn Wilson.

RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 28th November, 7pm-10pm