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Neasa and daughters Bibhinn, Étain and Bláithín - An Teach Seo Againne Image Name: Neasa and daughters Bibhinn, Étain and Bláithín - An Teach Seo Againne
Families - An Teach Seo Againne Image Name: Families - An Teach Seo Againne

Series 1, Episode 3

Episode 3, Monday 23rd November, 7.30pm, RTÉ One

In episode three of An Teach Seo Againne we’re introduced to Maureen, a single mother of 7 children from the Donegal Gaeltacht. Maureen is a hard-working, devoted mother to her children who are now dispersed throughout the world. Maureen experienced tragedy early in life and this has shaped her outlook on life and motherhood. Maureen’s unfaltering dedication to her children shines through as she nurtures their talents and her youngest son’s passion for Irish dancing. In this episode we’ll discover how the pandemic upset Maureen’s son’s plans to take part in the World Irish Dancing Championships. We’ll find out how Neasa is dealing with home-schooling her daughters and how the other parents and their kids dealt with the lockdown.

Clár 3, Dé Luain 23 Samhain, 7.30pm, RTÉ

Sa tríú clár den tsraith ‘An Teach Seo Againne’ castar Maureen orainn – máthair shingil as Gaeltacht Dhún na nGall a bhfuil seachtar clainne aici. Is máthair dhíograiseach í Maureen atá tiomanta dá cuid leanaí agus iad scaipthe anois ar fud an domhain. Is go hóg ina saol a bhuail tubaiste do Maureen agus d’fhág sin rian láidir buan ar an dearcadh atá aici ar shaol na máthar agus ar an saol i gcoitinne. An tiomantas seasta sin atá ag Maureen dá leanaí, sin an rud is mó atá le sonrú sa chlár – bíonn buanna a leanaí á gcothú aici agus an paisean atá ag an mhac is óige léi don rince Gaelach bíonn sí á ghríosú sin de shíor. Go deimhin, bhí rún aige páirt a ghlacadh i gCraobhacha Domhanda Rince na hÉireann agus foghlaimeoimid sa chlár seo faoin bhealach ar chuir an phaindéim na pleananna sin ó mhaith. Gheobhaimid amach faoin dóigh a bhfuil ag éirí le Neasa oideachas a chur ar na hiníonacha aici sa bhaile agus faoin dóigh a ndeachaigh na tuismitheoirí eile agus a gcuid leanaí i ngleic leis an dianghlasáil.

Series Overview:

Family structure has changed dramatically over the last 50 years with one-in-three families in Ireland now departing from the traditional model.  A unique four-part Irish language observational documentary series, An Teach Seo Againne will transport RTÉ audiences into the homes of four single-parent and co-parent households, from across Ireland leading up to and during the current pandemic. 

Raising children can be highly demanding but it is also regarded as one of the most rewarding roles in life. However, the stakes are much higher for parents that don’t always have another adult at hand to rely on, while grappling a myriad of daily parenting challenges. An Teach Seo Againne reflects the changes in family forms and captures the spirit of contemporary life in Ireland.  

An Teach Seo Againne features four single-parents and co-parents as they navigate family life and face the tough realities of bringing up their children. Audiences will relate to the relentless mini-battles faced by our four parents as they deal with manic weekly schedules. The series will capture snapshots from school runs to endless baskets of laundry, dancing classes, juggling finances, holding down careers and home-schooling all in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Across the four episodes we will meet four diverse families linked by the common thread of raising children outside the nuclear family. The rapport that our parents have with their children will shine through, alongside the support network of grandparents and friends who enrich the lives of the children. Filmed over the course of a year the families in An Teach Seo Againne display the shared traits of strength, determination, grit and ultimately an unwavering devotion to each other. The peaks and troughs of family life will be placed under a microscope and we see how each family emerges from the challenges of parenting during one of the most arduous periods in modern history.