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After School Hub - Cliona, Ray, John Image Name: After School Hub - Cliona, Ray, John

Greetings After School Hubbers……. The Muinteoiri have another jam packed schedule for you all week at our new time of 3.20pm Monday – Friday, RTÉ2. 

Lucky us, because it’s Science week all week, which means we get more Scientist Phil than usual. He has the inside scoop on breaking science news and the great things happening for science week PLUS he has more amazing experiments for you to try. 

Fancy being a circus performer? Want to amaze your friends with your cool skills? All week Maria Corcoran teaches us the incredible tricks a circus performer can do.  

We have Hub Hacks for you, an introduction to Coding, Space supremo Niamh Shaw is back from outer space, Muinteoir Emer O’Neill is keeping us on our toes and Jason Byrne is here to tell us how to be a stand up comedy artist. 

And if that wasn’t enough Martin and MC are up to their usual daily madness. This week Martin’s shed has taken control of the weather so expect some very stormy behaviour.

Ep 16 – Monday
Múinteoir John is back with another Spy Class – this time showing us how to spy on people from a hiding place using our own homemade Periscope. Eimear and Kieran from Limerick teach you the first steps in learning how to code! Múinteoir Clíona brings us on a virtual tour of the Artic introducing us to “Inuit” culture – where they live and their surroundings in the Artic.  

Ep 17 – Tuesday
In this Art class, Múinteoir Emer shows us just how easy it us to upcycle anything at home quickly with quirky designs using just napkins! Múinteoir Clíona teaches us just how easy it is to follow her Grandma’s recipe to make Mary Dolly’s Scone Bread – or Soda Bread as it is more commonly known. 

Ep 18 – Wednesday
Just how strong is Paper? – Múinteoir Clíona is about to investigate that fact using shapes and books – something that you can try at home! Phil is making a C02 extinguisher with Baking soda, vinegar and a load of tealights! Múinteoir Ray introduces us to the principle of “Sustainability” and teaches us an example by repurposing a TetraPak Milk Carton into a Bird Feeder.

Ep 19 – Thursday
Múinteoir Clíona will show us how to make plastic at home using milk! Múinteoir Ray introduces us to the world of Animé and Manga and teaches how to draw your very own Pokémon style characters. Múinteoir John shows us what story structures are and how to create your own using 3 jars – one with characters in it, one with different settings in it, and one with a problem in it.  

Ep 20 – Friday
Inspired by his love of Music, Múinteoir Ray teaches us how to make our very own musical instrument – a kazoo – at home. In this Biology class, Múinteoir Clíona teaches us the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and shows us how to recreate our own “Blotch Paint” Butterflies. 

Series Overview

With so many parents continuing to work from home, After School Hub will give parents another precious hour to continue to work uninterrupted. Múinteoir John, Ray, and Cliona will be on RTÉ2 screens every day from 3 to 4pm with a huge range of activities in which kids can participate.

Alongside our much loved múinteoirí are Phil the Science Guy, our Space Supremo Dr. Niamh Shaw, and hilarious duo Mary-Claire & Martin, of Martin’s Shed. As well as that, keep an eye out for a few well-known faces popping up along the way! 

Kids can tune in and take part in soccer skills, music lessons, science experiments, dance, nature, art class, book readings, cooking, singing, drama, arts and crafts, and school tours. Just like the last time, children are encouraged to participate and engage in every aspect of the show by watching on RTÉ2 every day, uploading content to and then watching it all again at a time of their choosing on the RTÉ Player.

Plus, a new weekly Irish Sign Language programme – After School Hub Best Bits – will air each Saturday morning at 10am on RTÉ2, featuring the best hand picked bits from each of that week’s episodes. This series will also be available weekly on RTÉ Player. So if you’ve missed your favourite Muinteoiri John, Ray and Cliona during the week, don’t worry because you can catch up on the best bits from all your favourite after school activities.