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The Almanac of Ireland

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Series overview

In The Almanac of Ireland presenter Manchán Magan investigates the quirks, conundrums and wonders of this country such as, how were the Irish able to make a cheese hard enough to kill the semi-divine leader of Connaught, Queen Maeve? What is it like to spend hours alone in an ancient cave of transformation where Gaelic warriors endured periods of isolation to prove their manhood? How long does it take for an urban pond to become a multi-dimensional wonderland? Or, what exactly is the neurological effect of staring at an art work?

The Almanac of Ireland aims to answer these and many more questions.

Programme 1

Necropants and other stories. (Wednesday 29th July, 10.30 PM RTÉ Radio 1; Sunday 2nd August, 10.30 AM RTÉ Radio 1 Extra; also available as a podcast in the usual places).

We hear about the lost and creepy art of making clothing from human skin; Manchán discovers how the Irish had ricotta and parmesan-style cheeses long before the famine; and we visit a monumental outdoor artwork in Co. Mayo that uses the restorative power of nature to heal old and painful wounds.