2020 Neighbours cast Image Name: 2020 Neighbours cast
2020 Neighbours cast - Neighborus 35th Anniversary Image Name: 2020 Neighbours cast - Neighborus 35th Anniversary

35th Anniversary Specials

Regular episodes will air Monday to Friday at 1.30 PM on RTÉ One and 5.30 PM on RTÉ2

Neighbours: Endgame episodes will follow regular episodes and will air at 6.00 PM on RTÉ2 Only – Beginning on Tuesday 17th March

Monday 16th – Episode 8319 – RTÉ One & RTÉ2

Sheila tries to calm Kyle who is angry with Gary over his pending wedding to Prue

Tuesday 17th – Episode 8320

Mark Gottlieb (Bruce Samazan) and Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) celebrate their big day. Lucy lets Finn know he is not welcome at the Wedding Expo.

Neighbours: Endgame – Episode 8320A

The partygoers arrive on the island to celebrate Elly’s 35th birthday. Harlow and Hendrix meet an old foe.

Wednesday 18th – Episode 8321

Prue shows off her wedding dress to Terese excited to see Gary again.

Neighbours: Endgame – Episode 8321A

Elly worries for her sister. Finn re-thinks a relationship.

Thursday 19th – 8322

Mark and Paige finally make it to the altar in front of their family and friends. A familiar face, Des Clark (Paul Keane) returns to Ramsay Street.

Neighbours: Endgame – Episode 8322A

Gary and Prue head for the island. Who else is in danger from Finn?A

Friday 20th – 8323

It’s Sky and Lana’s wedding day.

Neighbours: Endgame – Episode 8323A

A gale hits the island while Gary grows suspicious of Finn. Danger for Bea and Harlow mounts.