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The Style Counsellors is a new factual entertainment series where two of Ireland’s leading style and beauty social media stars join forces to help people who have lost their fashion compass.

The series is presented by Eileen Smith (@EileenStyleQueen) and Suzanne Jackson (, two social media sensations who know their way around a wardrobe. The Style Counsellors aims to help people find their fashion mojo – whether it’s the woman returning to the workforce after 30 years, exiting a long relationship, rediscovering style after a dramatic weight loss or the busy working mother who has a wardrobe full of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear.

Eileen Smith spent her first pay packet on a pleated accordion skirt  and white embroidered blouse back in the 1950s and her love of shopping and clothes continues to the present day.  Following encouragement from her daughters, she started posting pictures of her outfits on Instagram and has amassed over 50,000 followers who love this 80 year-old grandmother’s elegance and classic style, whether on the golf course or at a bridge evening.

Suzanne Jackson began writing her SoSueMe blog in 2010 and rapidly rose through the social media blogosphere to become one of Ireland’s top fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.  With 277,000 followers on Instagram, over 300,000 on Facebook and a weekly reach that runs into the millions, Suzanne has expanded her business with the launch of her beauty brand.

Both Suzanne and Eileen love clothes and believe in the power of style and fashion to make people feel good about themselves. Each week the pair help a different woman looking for a fashion confidence boost. They have firm ideas about what should be in a woman’s wardrobe and waste no time in decluttering to make its contents work better for its owners. Having consigned items from wardrobes to charity shop, they take their charge on a shopping mission to guide them back on the path to true fashion enlightenment – before pitching them four different outfits to wear to a specific occasion, two chosen by Eileen and two by Suzanne. Not that anyone is keeping score … but each week the participant selects one of the outfits to wear and presents their new look to family and friends. Will it be Eileen’s pick or Suzanne’s pick? None of that really matters of course. This show is full of fashion tips and hints but ultimately it’s all about the participants and their stories …..

The women in The Style Counsellors come from all walks of life but all share a common problem – they’re in a rut clothes-wise.  This might be because they have always prioritised others – juggling the demands of work and motherhood or because their life circumstances have changed dramatically in recent times. The Style Counsellors offers a little help, encouragement and empowerment.

Produced by Indiepics for RTE