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Talking it Out Image Name: Talking it Out
Talking it Out - Studio Glass Image Name: Talking it Out - Studio Glass
Talking it Out -  And Triona Image Name: Talking it Out - And Triona
Talking it Out - Sarah And Brian Image Name: Talking it Out - Sarah And Brian
Talking it Out - New Dave Image Name: Talking it Out - New Dave

Talking it Out

Brand New Animation and Podcast

Podcast starts 12th January – RTÉ.ie/comedy + Podcast Apps

Animation starts 13th January – RTÉ Player

Talking It Out is a brand new eight-part weekly satirical animation and podcast starting 12th January. Set in a radio studio, this is a “radio” show where a panel of dysfunctional ‘media personalities’ dissect the week’s news.

Talking it Out is led by Dave Coffey (Dan & Becs, Sarah + Steve, Phoning It In) whose job it to try and keep the entirely improvised show from descending into chaos. The panelists; all caricatures of typical panel show guests (starring Kevin McGahern, Sophie Shanley, Peter McGann, Pearl O’Rourke) discuss the news stories of the week, ranging from the government’s latest gaffe to what’s (not) happening with Brexit.

Talking It Out will appear on RTÉ Player every Monday as a 10-minute animated show while a longer 15 minute audio version will be released as a podcast every Sunday. While animations and topical comedy don’t often go hand-in-hand, Talking It Out is recorded and produced in 48 hours using innovative new animation software.


Seanie Sultcliff (played by Kevin McGahern) is an Independent TD for Cavan Monaghan – a gombeen politician, entirely focused on parish pump politics and furthering his own political career.  

Triona McFarriter (played by Pearl O’ Rourke) is a former pop singer turned “activist” and media personality. She has no real views and is willing to take the less popular opinion on any subject if it means she gets attention in the media.

Brian Kilbird (played by Peter McGann) is an old school hack journo, who drinks and smokes too much. He rose to some prominence as a crime correspondent focusing on ‘gangland scumbags and thuggery’. He gave up on crime reporting because he got lazy and it was easier to just be a controversial mouthpiece.

Sarah O’Crilly (played by Sophie Shanley) is a social media influencer who has risen to prominence as the voice of the snowflake generation. Sarah first found followers as a purveyor of ‘gorge content’ on her Instagram page. However, her star really began to rise when she became the voice of woke social justice warriors everywhere, taking to Twitter to weigh in on every millennial hot button issue of the day.