Ireland's Fittest Family Coaches with Mairead 21 Image Name: Ireland's Fittest Family Coaches with Mairead 21
Murphy 4 Image Name: Murphy 4

Series 7, Episode 5 – Quarter Final 2  
Derval O’Rourke’s Dinans from Cork, Anna Geary’s Ui Bhraonains from Carlow, Donncha O’Callaghan’s Prendergasts from Limerick and Derval’s Murphys from Wexford take each other on as Hell and Back throws all it has at them. One family will leave the competition while the remaining three will move forward to the semi-finals in Dublin Port.  

Tonight’s events consist of a two person nominated race called Swamp Trek and a time trial called Devil’s Creek 

The two families with the lowest points go head to head in a gruelling eliminator course in the battle to stay in the competition.  

Swamp Trek:  

The race starts with a quick dash to the cliff hanger walls, if you fall here they have to go back to the start of the climb, then they trek through 100meters of energy zapping bog, next it’s out over a ladder where they face a 110m dash to  a high jump into water. From here it’s a swim to the platform, the first 2 people onto the platform win the race.  

Devil’s Creek:  

The event begins with a test of balance as they make their way across the beams, them pushing them right to the edge the monkey bars over the swamp. They must attempt these 3 times before they move on. Next up it’s a cargo net climb and if that isn’t enough the swamp awaits, the families must wade through 100 meters of swampy murky mud, Collect a log and sprint with it to the finish line.  


The eliminator will be more difficult than ever before, the race begins with them climbing down the hay bales and running 360m, then they jump straight into the freezing cold ice baths, after that they face the first 12foot wall over 3 meters high. Then they’ve got to continue up the hill where they face various obstacles including a pyramid climb and a cargo net crawl. After another wall the winners will be the first family standing up on top of the hay bales.