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Hot air Irelands Climate crisis - Philip Boucher-Hayes Image Name: Hot air Irelands Climate crisis - Philip Boucher-Hayes
RTÉ On Climate Image Name: RTÉ On Climate

The climate crisis discussion tends to be dominated by talk of the scale of the problem. In this hour long documentary Philip Boucher-Hayes examines what it is going to take for Ireland to play its part in solving the problem. He also identifies the gap between what the science says we must do and what the government and corporations are actually doing.

Hot Air is a beautifully shot picture of Ireland at its best reminding viewers of the majesty of what we stand to lose, and the real human difficulties in making the changes needed. But it is also a blueprint of hope, showing the way to a possible post climate crisis Ireland.

The programme also features:

  • Revelations about the financial and environmental costs of data centres
  • A spotlight on Ireland’s CO2 emissions not counted
  • A critical examination of the government’s record on climate action
  • An illustration of how to reduce emissions from agriculture that keeps farmers in business