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2 Johnnies & Lauren Guilfoyle - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: 2 Johnnies & Lauren Guilfoyle - My Best Sustainable Life
Thumper - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: Thumper - My Best Sustainable Life
Nadia Forde - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: Nadia Forde - My Best Sustainable Life
Drag Queen Bonnie Ann Clyde - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: Drag Queen Bonnie Ann Clyde - My Best Sustainable Life
Bonnie Ann Clyde - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: Bonnie Ann Clyde - My Best Sustainable Life
2 Johnnies & Lauren Guilfoyle (2) - My Best Sustainable Life Image Name: 2 Johnnies & Lauren Guilfoyle (2) - My Best Sustainable Life

My Best Sustainable Life  

4 x 8 min RTÉ Player  – 11th November (Full series drops) 

Well-known faces take on the challenge to live a more sustainable life. 

When it comes to climate, we know it’s time to start walking the talk but faced with such a big issue where do we even start?  What can we realistically do that will actually help?  Are there any manageable changes we can make without overhauling our entire lives and emptying our bank accounts?  My Best Sustainable Life is here to provide some answers, thanks to our 4 well known guinea pigs, who are embarking on our sustainable challenge and bringing you along with them.   

In each episode our guest presenter makes the commitment to change one aspect of their life for the better of the planet. They examine their current habits and estimate how much of an impact they have on the environment through waste, emissions etc. They then decide on a number of simple changes they will make to try and change this. Over the period of a week, we follow them as they adjust to their new routine.  At the end of the challenge, we examine how much of a difference they have made to their environmental footprint? Has the change been worth it and are they willing to continue living their best sustainable life for good? 

Episode One: Beauty with Bonnie Ann Clyde

It’s a little known fact that almost every top tip from your favorite beauty blogger was invented in a Drag Queen’s dressing room. Bonnie is aware of the downside to her job, a make-up bag bursting full of disposable containers filled with chemical products. She is ready to see can she find a more environmentally way to do her thing but just how much will chemical free make-up set her back? Will her homemade environmentally friendly hairspray have the staying power she needs? And how can she convince her fellow queens to ditch the biggest climate offender in the dressing room – beauty wipes! 

Episode TwoCelebrate Carbon Free with the 2 Johnnies & Lauren Guilfoyle 

Sport pundit, Lauren Guilfoyle has recently hooked up with the 2 Johnnies on their podcast – which just happens to currently be Ireland’s biggest! Deeply passionate about all things Irish and what it means to be green, Lauren is starting to become conscious about the impact her lifestyle is having on the environment and is determined to drag the 2 Johnnies along with her.  Can they use their influence and the reach of their podcast to do some good?  If they can make some changes in their own lives, maybe they can inspire their fans and followers to make small, but impactful changes of their own.  How better to toast their new lifestyle than by throwing a party? But is a carbon free celebration possible, can they afford it and will it be any fun? 

Episode Three: Sustainably Baby with Nadia Forde  

On top of a hectic acting and modeling career Nadia has recently become a parent to baby Wyatt Riley. Becoming a parent has made Nadia conscious of the future of Wyatt. She wants a better world for him but is she ready to transform into an eco-mum! How would Wyatt react to no more plastic toys?  How could she possibly get through a single day without a packet of baby wipes to hand? And after a long day navigating London’s public transport system with a buggy in tow, will a 4am sustainable nappy change be the breaking point?  

Episode four: On the Road with Thumper 

With most of the band already gone Vegan, Thumper are serious about their impact on the environment. They are determined to make their upcoming UK tour as carbon neutral as they can. That means no more flights, no more cars & taxis to gigs, no riders filled with plastic bottles and convincing the band’s last remaining meat eater to jump on the vegan bandwagon.  On this road trip of discovery, what could possibly go wrong!