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Pulling with my Parents is a brand new six part series which follows young singletons from across the country who are stuck in a merry-go-round of bad dates and dating apps. Jaded with swiping left or right, ghosting and disastrous dates, these singletons are taking drastic action and handing over the reins to their parents to give their dating profiles a full make-over to crack the cupid conundrum.

In episode four we meet Amy O’Flynn and Luca Lawless.

Amy is from Kilkenny and works as a hairstylist in the city. She loves her work and having spent so much time in the beauty industry has definitely affected her perception of attractive men. She’s very close to her mother and has enlisted her and a longtime family friend Kristen to take control of her dating profile.

Amy has been in one serious relationship but she was burned quite badly and it was a while before she felt ready to date properly again. Now healed, she’s looking for a trustworthy man she can have some fun with.
She likes attractive, fit, and well styled men who can be geniune but bring the craic. She’s not a romantic and finds men who are cringey.

Luca (26) grew up in Castleisland and having lived in Cork for a few years decided he missed the simple country life and moved back home with his Mum, Nicola, Dad, Gareth and his 2 brothers, Ben and Shay and sister Fiadh. He would consider himself very close to his family especially his mum. With work and living in a small community Luca doesn’t get out much these days. He seems to be too busy all of the time and when he isn’t working he is helping Mum look after Ben who has special needs.

Luca has been on tinder on and off for a couple of years. While living in Cork he would have been a lot more active on the app and in the dating scene but since moving home he said he seems to know most of the girls in his area on tinder so hasn’t been on a date since he moved back from Cork over a year ago.

Mum and Dad want him to find someone that has their head screwed on and knows where they are going in life. Her preference is a teacher or nurse. She’s hasn’t met any of his previous girlfriends as Luca knows she probably wouldn’t approve.  

Pulling with My Parents continues Monday, 4th November 2019 at 9.30pm on RTÉ 2.