Vlad Smishkewych (1) Credit Jan Gates Image Name: Vlad Smishkewych (1) Credit Jan Gates Description: Vlad Smishkewych (1) Credit Jan Gates

Sundays with Vlad: Earlier this summer, a book with this very title mysteriously appeared on Vlad’s desk at RTÉ lyric fm. Was it the Phantom of the Opera? The ghost of Carlo Gesualdo? Or the dreaded…Vlad the Impaler? In reality, one of Vlad’s lyric fm colleagues gifted him with the book while he was away, but in celebration of Malahide native Bram Stoker’s birth, author of the famous 1897 Gothic novel ‘Dracula’, Vox Nostra host Vlad (not the Impaler) does exactly what the author of ‘Sundays with Vlad’ did: follow the legend of Dracula, Vlad Dracul, and other gruesome figures from the Central and Eastern European lands…but he’ll do it through music on this morning’s programme. Featuring songs and tunes from Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods that dealt with dark figures, a phantom or two, plus an entire CD dedicated to Dracula from USA-based ensemble Cancioner, you can enjoy the serendipity of your own ‘Sunday with Vlad’ this weekend on RTÉ lyric fm.

RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 3rd November, 7am-10am