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Series 4 – Episode 2

Ep 2 Who Sows the Wind

When interviewed by Fleming, Michael Farmer, the alleged serial killer, correctly gives the name of the hospital he was in when Leonie Collersdale, the second murder victim, was killed, throwing further doubt on his guilt.

Worries grow when DCI Huntley fails to report for duty. A dismembered female body is discovered, identified as Collersdale’s. When she reappears, DCI Huntley brushes off her absence, saying she had some kind of bug. Hilton tells DCI Huntley that Hastings is going to serve her with a Regulation 15 notice. AC-12 interviews DCI Huntley and throws doubt on forensic evidence concerning the attack on Hana Reznikova, which DCI Huntley alleges is by Farmer, and says DCI Huntley failed to present any contrary evidence to the Crown Prosecutor. Hastings says he will be recommending she be taken off the case.

DCI Huntley is later shown examining Ifield’s laptop in her car. Ifield is missing; Arnott goes to his flat, breaks in and finds his body. Three fingers have been amputated. DCI Huntley arrives and takes charge of the crime scene, despite Arnott’s protests. Inside, she notices the blood spatter on the edge of the kitchen counter, which is hers. She hears the sample being labelled KRG-13, but mistakenly notes it as KRG-30. DCI Huntley obtains a sample of Ifield’s blood from her car, labelling it KRG-30. Managing to gain access to the forensic samples, she cannot find KRG-30, but realises her error and over-writes her sample bag as KRG-13. Ifield’s mobile phone records are investigated, and communications with Reznikova are found. Arnott learns from forensics that Ifield was probably wearing a white forensic oversuit at the time of death. Summarising the evidence, he implies to Hastings that DCI Huntley is Ifield’s killer.

DCI Huntley takes a further sample of Ifield’s blood and inserts it into forensic submissions for Collersdale’s murder, implicating him. She requests further forensic tests; forensics find the match to Ifield. Fleming passes the Inspector’s exam. Hastings informally indicates to Fleming that he has decided on Arnott for promotion. DCI Huntley tells Hilton that, if AC-12’s informant was Ifield, the evidence against him undermines his evidence and therefore undermines the case against her. She tells him she’s convinced Ifield’s murder and Farmer’s crimes are connected.