Nationwide – Week 37

Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin RTÉ Nationwide (4) Image Name: Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin RTÉ Nationwide (4)

Monday 9th September, 7pm, RTÉ One

RTE Nationwide reporter Helen Mark returns to Dungloe, Co. Donegal to follow up with Lucy Gallagher, the only child in Ireland and one of only a few in the world, with the severe genetic skin disorder, Harlequin Iktheeosis, and the Gallagher family to see how Lucy is doing now.

Travelling circuses were in their heyday in Ireland in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, when every town and village across the country looked forward to the visit of the circus and the wonders it would bring to all.  The village of Cappamore in County Limerick was a special venue for the travelling Circus troupes, reporter Marian Malone visited there recently to meet up with an enthusiast who is determined to preserve those circus memories.

Wednesday 11th September, 7pm, RTE One

This evening Nationwide comes from Valentia on the Iveragh Peninsula in South Kerry, one of our most Western Islands. With a history that makes it famous for innovation,  the people here are determined to keep their home place as vibrant and thriving as ever. The programme features islanders and newcomers who together have formed their own company, which is committed using the islands unique heritage to help create successful  initiatives and also to encourage  new work collaborations within the island community.

Friday 13th September, 7pm, RTÉ One

One of the great summer events in Dublin city is The Liffey swim, and this year was the centenary of the swim.  Reporter Niall Martin went along to see how it went and to hear all about its history.

In the center of the Liberties, Dublin has a new attraction which is using interactive theatre to bring the city’s history to life. Reporter Colm Flynn tells the story from the Liberties.

Nationwide visits Newman House on St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin to explore the new Museum Of Literature Ireland. A historic partnership has been formed between UCD and the National Library to create a centre in which visitors can delve into the life and writings of James Joyce. Valerie Waters reports.