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Episode Two – The People’s Game

Series Overview

THE STORY OF RUGBY is an epic six-part global documentary series that takes a cinematic exploration of the fastest growing major team sport in the word: rugby. It is an international series about the key individuals and main events which have shaped the sport of rugby for the past 200 years – and in doing so, helped create not only the world of modern professional sport we know today, but the lifestyles we take for granted: the weekend, playing games for, the importance of honor in all things.

Each episode combines 2018-2019 live action rugby matches and story driven segments to ensure every episode captures the beauty and physicality of the game and substance of the personal stories that have transcended the sport from the past, present and future-

Episode 2

Learn how those who ruled English rugby’s establishment enforced such strict social conventions while running the largest empire the world has ever seen.

Soccer, initially lagging, overtook rugby to become the world’s most popular game. How rugby, for a handful of countries, was inseparable from national identity: South Africa would view rugby prowess as a sign that its apartheid regime was sanctioned by God, while for a tiny otherwise unremarkable nation on the edge of the British Empire, their national rugby team – the All Blacks -would become the most successful team that any major sport has ever seen.

Featured rugby matches:
• Sacred Heart vs. Kings College in Auckland, NZ
• University in Glenn Innes
• Nongotahah in Rotorua
• Vulcans in Wanaka
• Leinster in Dublin
• Ospreys in Swansea
• Merthyr Tydfil in the Valleys