THE STORY OF RUGBY ***New Series***

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THE STORY OF RUGBY is an epic six-part global documentary series that takes a cinematic exploration of the fastest growing major team sport in the word: rugby.

How rugby and its values inspired one man to ‘father’ the modern Olympics.
How rugby’s genesis in the foundations of two of the world’s most popular
professional sports, American football and soccer, was extraordinary.
How rugby’s values, ejected by Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo because of their
‘western influence’ were used by the post-war governments of those same
countries to rebuild shattered societies.
How rugby’s role in sustaining apartheid for 48 years in South Africa was also pivotal in ending apartheid in 1995.

THE STORY OF RUGBY is a premium international series about the key
individuals and main events which have shaped the sport of rugby for the past 200 years – and in doing so, helped create not only the world of modern
professional sport we know today, but the lifestyles we take for granted: the
weekend, playing games for, the importance of honor in all things.

Each episode combines 2018-2019 live action rugby matches and story driven segments to ensure every episode captures the beauty and physicallity of the game and substance of the personal stories that have transcended the sport from the past, present and future-

Episode One The Gentleman’s Game
How human wiring and a fundamental, primal need to compete evolved over time from hunting and war into crude versions of games which finally crystallized into their modern form as ‘sport’ during the 19th century (when England was the world’s unrivalled superpower). How a 16-year-old British schoolboy attending Rugby School, William Webb Ellis, is credited as the father of the game, whereas it was the Steve Jobs of his day, Thomas Arnold, the headmaster of Rugby School, who was the man responsible for introducing a ‘muscular Christianity’ into English culture and games like rugby. Arnold’s legacy helped maintain a rigid class system which was as influential then in determining the behaviour of people around the world as Hollywood would be in the 20th century and social media is today.

Featured rugby matches:
• Oxford vs. Cambridge in London
• Harlequins vs. Saracens in London
• Northhamption vs. Leicester in The Midlands
• Wales vs. England in Cardiff
• Huddersfield vs. FyldeE1