Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin RTÉ Nationwide (3) Image Name: Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin RTÉ Nationwide (3) Description: RTÉ Nationwide Presenters Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin

Monday 8th July, 7.00pm, RTÉ One.

Tonight Nationwide has stories of two interesting Irish women who have embraced change in their lives and are achieving great things.

Reporter Valerie Waters meets a woman whose life journey took her in a direction that she never expected it would.  Valerie travels to County Wicklow to meet the lady who has found her path in life as a result of what some would call challenging experiences. 

Next to County Meath where reporter Mary Fanning visits a young woman who has broken through the barriers of disability, leading by example and overcoming tragedy when she was paralyzed in a farm accident at the age of six to strive forward in every aspect of her life.  Kerrie Leonard has become a voice in Europe for women as she adapts to every challenge, academically, in the workplace, on her farm and now has her sights set on representing her country at the Tokyo Paralympics.  Mary Fanning goes to her family farm to meet this extraordinary young woman,

Wednesday 10th July, 7.00pm, RTÉ One

Tonight Nationwide is in County Wexford to hear the story of the Normans as the county celebrates the anniversary of their arrival into Ireland 850 years ago.  The programme delves into the history of the Norman landing at Bannow Bay and finds out how they lived when they first came to this country.  The team travel along the Norman Way heritage trail along the South Coast of Wexford and visit some of the magnificent structures built by them, even trying to unearth some Norman treasures.   Viewers will see different aspects of Norman life and discover how the Normans are a big part of tourism in County Wexford.  

Friday 12th July, 7.00pm, RTÉ One

Presenter Mary Kennedy rediscovers some of Cork’s history with the regeneration of buildings and gardens in honour of their foundress Nano Nagle, born 300 years ago this year.  A visionary in her day, she was not only an educator, but tackled social issues and moved around the streets of Cork City by night helping the poor and destitute, earning her the title ‘Lady with the Lantern’.