THE ZOO ***New Series***

Zookeepers Brendan and James from Dublin Zoo - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo Image Name: Zookeepers Brendan and James from Dublin Zoo - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo
Tiger Cubs - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo Image Name: Tiger Cubs - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo
The team leaders at Dublin Zoo Image Name: The team leaders at Dublin Zoo
Meerkat - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo Image Name: Meerkat - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo
Julie and Aisleen - Dublin Zoo Image Name: Julie and Aisleen - Dublin Zoo
James, Helen and Brendan - Zookeepers Image Name: James, Helen and Brendan - Zookeepers
Ciaran and his team - Zookeepers Image Name: Ciaran and his team - Zookeepers
Bangui 2 - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo Image Name: Bangui 2 - - Series 8, Ep 1 - The Zoo

Series 8 Overview

Once again ‘The Zoo’ will be returning to its Sunday slot on RTÉ One, taking viewers behind the scenes at Dublin Zoo as they get to know the animals who live there and the dedicated zookeepers who care for them every day.

Some of the incredible stories this season include that of Amur tigers Tundra and Ussuri. With numbers of this species so low in the wild, it’s a huge cause for celebration when the zookeepers find out Tundra is pregnant. We follow the incredible story of the tigress and her family, from giving birth to her two adorable cubs, to their growing playfulness and adventures as they start to mature into confident young tigers.

It’s been a few years since pups were born at Sea Lion Cove, so when three new pups are born within a week of each other, it’s all hands-on deck for the animal care team. We follow the development of the young pups, from the moment they are born to when they take their first feeds. We follow the pups as they get their first swimming lesson from their mother and witness the incredible underwater scenes when the young pups start to explore the depths of their habitat for themselves.

2018 saw the birth of three elephant calves, and with a fourth calf on the way, there is huge excitement among the elephant care team. The baby boom continues over at the African Plains, when Maeve the giraffe gives birth to a beautiful new calf, and with Casey the giraffe also due to give birth, the young calf could soon be joined by another new arrival.

The heatwave in 2018 saw some of the hottest temperatures on record in Ireland and brought with it some unique challenges for the animal care team looking after the Zoo’s animals, but what better way for Dublin Zoo’s young elephant herd to cool down than a huge mud bath followed by a dip in the pool?

When nine-year-old male western lowland gorilla Bangui arrives at Dublin Zoo, the zookeepers are hopeful he will be accepted into the troop. But in one dominated by female gorillas, how will Bangui settle in? We follow Bangui’s acceptance journey and his remarkable transformation as he develops into a silverback, as well his parenting skills as he negotiates fatherhood alongside first-time mother Kafi.

Conservation is always at the core of all Dublin Zoo’s work, and every year the show follows a zookeeper as they travel to conservation projects around the world which are supported by Dublin Zoo. This year, Gerry embarks on the trip of a lifetime, travelling to India to see how this conservation work is helping Asian elephants in the wild. It’s an epic and thrilling journey into the habitat of a species he’s extremely passionate about, with beautiful footage and up-close encounters with a host of animals from monkeys, snakes and rhinos to striking birds and water buffalo.

Other animals featured this season include southern white rhinoceros, orangutans, chimpanzees, meerkats, Asian star tortoises and Chilean flamingos among others.

This latest season of ‘The Zoo’ is sponsored by renewable energy provider SSE Airtricity. Produced by Moondance Productions for RTÉ

Episode One

There’s huge excitement at the Amur tiger habitat as first-time mother Tundra gets ready to give birth to her cubs.

A young male western lowland gorilla, who is anticipated to one day lead the troop, arrives at Dublin Zoo. But how will the other gorillas take to the new arrival?

And when Garth notices two of the meerkats in his care are looking a little unwell, he takes them off to Dublin Zoo’s veterinary clinic to investigate.