Valer Sabadus (c) Christine Schneider Image Name: Valer Sabadus (c) Christine Schneider Description: Valer Sabadus (c) Christine Schneider

With tremendous scenes (sea storm, battles and a sumptuous scene of coronation) Giustino is one of Vivaldi’s most ambitious operas, also considered as his masterpiece of maturity. The plot took historical figures and facts from classical sources and added fictional love intrigues, allegorical figures, deities, and a ghost. It tells the story of modest ploughman Giustino becoming co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Vivaldi’s writing reveals his talent as dramatist and includes famous arias Vedro` con mio diletto and Sento in seno.

Valer Sabadus (countertenor)

Emoke Barath (soprano)

Ana Maria Labin (soprano)

Arianna Vendittell (soprano)

Emiliano Gonzalez-Toro (tenor)

Alessandro Giangrande (tenor)

Accademia Bizantina

Ottavio Dantone (conductor)

(First broadcast 18th August 2018)

RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 12th January, 7pm-10pm