One Day: Keeping Ireland Beautiful Image Name: One Day: Keeping Ireland Beautiful
One Day: Keeping Ireland Beautiful Image Name: One Day: Keeping Ireland Beautiful

On the back of the hugely successful documentary ‘One Day: How Ireland Eats’, comes a new 3-part run of the ‘One Day‘ documentary strand on RTÉ One. One Day goes behind the scenes to examine the complex network of services that are essential for life in Ireland today. Filmed at multiple locations over a 24 hour day, each episode highlights one specific industry – Beauty, Cleaning/Waste and Tourism – from the perspective of the people who are expected to deliver the 24/7 service and standard we’ve come to expect.

  • Episode 1,  Keeping Ireland Beautiful, airs on Monday 7th January 2019 at 9:35pm on RTÉ One
  • Episode 2,  How Ireland Cleans Up, airs on Monday 14th January 2019 at 9:35pm on RTÉ One
  • Episode 3,  Showing Ireland Off, airs on Monday 21st January 2019 at 9:35pm on RTÉ One

One Day: Keeping Ireland Beautiful

The first in a new series of One Day goes behind the scenes with the workers in Ireland’s beauty and fitness business.

It takes a workforce of 30,000 beauticians,  hairdressers and fitness trainers to keep the rest of us looking good. In return, we spend a total of 9 MILLION EURO  EVERYDAY – the cost of Keeping Ireland Beautiful!

The documentary follows a typical working day for  the people who perfume, pamper or persuade us, for a living.

The day kicks off  at 5am in Dublin Airport where the morning rush is already well underway. Barbara McNally sells fragrances, make-up and beauty products at the airport and has seen a big change since the Irish economy has improved – “People love to look after themselves, we’re out of recession and people are not as careful with their cash

By 7am, fitness trainer Anthony Doyle is working with a private client at a gym in Howth, County Dublin. Anthony says, “It’s an affluent area and people are into their fitness. I don’t look at it as a job, I can help people and keep fit while I’m doing it!”

Liliana Caruto is a buying manager for health and beauty products at Tesco. At 10am, Liliana visits the company’s vast distribution warehouse in Donabate, County Dublin, where over 2,000 beauty products are stored. Liliana has spotted some regional differences in Ireland’s choice of hair dye products – “In Dublin, the biggest sellers are the black and brown colours, whereas in Roscommon, the most popular colours are black, violet and blue”.

At 12pm,  Kerry Hanaphy is injecting a client with a lip filler treatment at her clinic on Dublin’s South William Street – “What I’m trying to create is a beautiful Cupid’s Bow shape. If you can create symmetry to the face, you can make someone prettier

Barbara O’Dowd runs a mobile spray tan business in Limerick. By 5pm, she’s on her way to a spray tan party arranged by 6 friends getting ready for a 21st birthday celebration. Barbara has seen a trend towards beauty treatments at home – “Nowadays you can slightly enhance yourself or drastically enhance yourself.  It’s whatever you want!

Some Extra Facts on Beauty in Ireland ….

  • In Ireland we spend 350,000 Euro on fragrances and perfumes, every day
  • A further 700,000 euro is spent everyday on cosmetics and skin care
  • 450,000 people in Ireland are members of a gym
  • Men spend an average of 1 hour per day on their exercise routine
  • Women exercise for an average 52 minutes per day
  • 65,077 bottles of shampoo and conditioner are used in Ireland everyday
  • In one day Ireland gets though 37, 665 tubes of toothpaste and 30,000 containers of deodorant
  • In One Day of hair trims, colour treatments and blow-drys, we spend a total 1 Million Euro in hair salons
  • In Ireland, we buy more fake tan per person  than anywhere else in the world,  except Denmark and Australia!