19VOX02_Ethiopian Magi, Patrick Comerford Image Name: 19VOX02_Ethiopian Magi, Patrick Comerford Description: 19VOX02_Ethiopian Magi, Patrick Comerford

A great epiphany: music of Christmas pilgrimages – Three Kings’ Day, Nollaig na mBan, Little Christmas, Nadaliño, the twelfth day of Christmas – whatever it is called, and wherever it is celebrated, the Epiphany or Feast of the Magi it is the other important side of the Christmas holiday celebration. In this special programme, Vlad not only explores the music connected to this feast, but also the very symbolic act of pilgrimage connected to it: just as the three kings were said to travel from afar, and had a life-changing experience in so doing, likewise do modern-day pilgrimages bring an epiphany of some kind to those who travel physical or spiritual roads. With a focus on journeys related to Christmas or Three Kings, and music that interweaves through these stories, Vlad brings you on a musical pilgrimage of a very special kind, opening eyes and ears to a road of music that winds through nearly two millennia of history.

RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 6th January, 7am-10am