Nationwide – Week 41

RTÉ Nationwide presenters Anne Cassin and Mary Kennedy Image Name: RTÉ Nationwide presenters Anne Cassin and Mary Kennedy Copyright: RTÉ

Monday 8th October, 7.00pm, RTÉ One. 

It’s Mental Health week this week and tonight’s Nationwide programme features  positive stories of people who have known bad times but who are looking to the future and importantly, are taking care of their mental health.

Problems with mental health, depression, drink and or drugs crosses all social divides.  Families all over the country have been affected by someone they are close to suffering from mental health issues.  However, there are wonderful stories of recovery and reporter Mary Fanning goes to Cork to meet Graham McCormack, a former Mixed Martial Arts fighter who, with great help, fought back from serious mental health issues and is now committed to telling his positive story on several platforms to try and give hope to people that there is a way back.

How often have we heard it said that “a trouble shared is a trouble halved”.  We all know how talking to somebody about a problem can put it into perspective.  Life today is moving so fast around us that it can lead to anxiety or depression.  One family who have been faced with tragedy and who have learned how to cope are the Hayes family from Kilkenny.  They urge people who are experiencing mental health problems to seek help.  Helen McInerney has the story.

As part of Mental Health Week, RTÉ is broadcasting a number of programmes focusing on the issues surrounding mental health, one of these programmes is a documentary made by a young Cork Film maker, Edvindas Maciulevicius.  His documentary, ‘My Other Life’, will be broadcast on RTÉ Two on Wednesday 10th October at 10.30pm.  Mary Kennedy meets Ed in UCC to talk about the film and the serious issues it raises.


Wednesday 10th October, 7.00pm, RTÉ One. 

This evening’s Nationwide marks the 100th anniversary of the greatest loss of life in the Irish Sea.  Over 500 passengers, post office staff, troops and crew were lost when the RMS Leinster was sunk by a German U-Boat just miles from Dun Laoghaire.  We’ll be hearing about the Leinster’s last voyage and the heroism of some of its crew.  We’ll also be in Dundalk, another port affected by the sinking of one of its ships, in the same week as the Leinster.  Again, it was torpedoed in the Irish Sea by a U-Boat and 19 lost their lives; both these tragedies happened just weeks before the end of World War 1.


Friday 12th October, 7.00pm, RTÉ One

With RTÉ’s The Late Late Show broadasting its first programme from London and as Brexit marches towards us, Anne Cassin travels to the English capital to meet some of the London-Irish.  Meath man, chef and restaurateur, Richard Corrigan chats about his 30-year relationship with the city.  We meet young Kilkenny couple Dr Gary Foley and Dr Liz Watts who joined the medical exodus from Ireland and reveal why they chose London to continue their training.  Also on the programme is Limerick man John Gilhooly, Director of the historic and celebrated Wigmore Hall who gives Anne a tour of one of the world’s most revered classical music venues while Mullingar soprano Ailish Tynan shows off the acoustics.  Plus we hear about Gael Londain, the newly formed GAA club which found a home on rugby soil on the grounds of London Irish in Sunbury.