Sounding the New Tradition

Martin Hayes Image Name: Martin Hayes

Martin Hayes is the ultimate innovator in the world of traditional music, but in his own words ‘tradition is always changing. and it has to be relevant’. Navá is a group of young musicians exploring the relationship between the ancient musical cultures of Ireland and Persia. Loah is an artist of Irish / Sierra Leonean origin creating really interesting songs. In this feature, the relationship between the old and new traditions, and the impact of culture on music is looked at through the work of these two artists.

Featuring the thoughts of superstar Martin Hayes and the music of Loah and Nava, we take a look at how the merging of cultures is surfacing in the contemporary music of Ireland at the moment.

This is the second in the series of features part of RTE Radio 1’s Season of Folk with the BAI.

Sounding the Tradition.

RTÉ Radio 1, 7 October, 9.02pm