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Granted unprecedented access to the editors and reporters on the front lines , Emmy®-winning
and Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus’ The Fourth Estate follows the inner workings of
The New York Times, revealing the challenges, triumphs and pitfalls of covering a President
who has declared war on the free press.

Episode 2: – THE TRUMP BUMP
Comey is fired; Mueller is appointed special counsel; turnover in White House staff is
constant; and the Trump campaign met with Russians offering “dirt” on Clinton. The New York
Times ’ reporters hit their stride in covering and uncovering the dramatic events in this unfolding

Synopsis of Episode 2:

Shortly after FBI director James Comey is fired by President Trump, The New York
Times journalist Michael Schmidt is on to a huge scoop with ongoing reverberations,
regarding Comey’s memos about his meetings with Trump. The appointment of a
special counsel marks an important new turn in what has already been an historic year.
Things are made more dire when the Times reveals details of a secret meeting between
members of the Trump campaign team and a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin.

And there is heavy turnover at the White House, covered by star White House
correspondent Maggie Haberman. But even as the Times drives this shocking flow of
new information, it continues to squarely address its own inner challenges. Advertising
dollars are shrinking. Digital is replacing print, podcasts are now synonymous with the
paper, and Twitter is how news breaks first. The executive editor must make difficult
changes that break with tradition. Can The New York Times adapt to a digital future
without losing something vital in the process?