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With exclusive access to Tommy Bowe in the last few months leading up to his retirement from professional sport, The End Game is an honest account and personal journey for Tommy as he delves into what professional sports people must face when it comes to ending their career and the many challenges that come with it.

As he prepares for life outside rugby Tommy meets other sports stars AP McCoy, Paul McGrath, and Derval O’Rourke to find out what challenges retirement holds.

Full Synopsis:

Back to full fitness after several serious injuries, Tommy has taken the brave decision to retire from rugby while still at the top of his game. He could probably play for another couple of seasons but he has a young family and his physical and mental health to consider. In The End Game he will embark on a journey of discovery as he examines what his prospects might be once he leaves the professional game, the fears and concerns he and other players face into, what life is like for those who are forced into early retirement and the support structures that are in place to help players adjust to life outside of sport.

Filmed over the closing months of his career – January to May 2018 this intimate and personal documentary will paint an honest picture of what life is really like for an Irish professional rugby player.

While many believe that it’s all training sessions, big game weekends and fat paychecks, this is not the case. This documentary will look at the day-to-day regimented lifestyle players face and why leaving this microcosm can be so hard for players to adjust to. Going from having your daily work schedule, food choices and overall wellbeing decided for you to having it all stop is a daunting prospect. This for many is the hardest thing to deal with after leaving the game.

Tommy will spend time with players from his own sport and others that have moved on from the game. For those that made the decision to hang up their boots and had the opportunity to plan their next steps is in marked contrast to those forced into retirement.