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Two composers who died on this day, in 1556 and 1799, respectively, are feted on Vox Nostra.  Martin Agricola, whose surname is shared by his slightly more famous contemporary Alexander, has as his claim to fame the first harmonised setting of Luther’s famous hymn ‘Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott’. Joseph de Boulogne, the renowned Chevalier de Saint Georges, is known as ‘The Black Mozart’ for his uncanny prodigious talents (which weren’t limited to composition and violin performance, either). With the acclaimed Baroque music ensemble Tafelmusik, as well as violinist Rachel Barton Pine, we’ll get to hear some of the Chevalier’s symphonies, concerti, and even snippets of his 1780 opera, The Anonymous Lover.

RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 10th June, 7am-10am