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Evonne will be up with the early birds to ease you into the weekend with her gentle blend of music from across the centuries, plus regular intervals for news, weather and traffic updates.

Each week, Nature File explores new stories about wild plants, animals or wonderful wild habitats, with surprising details about light, colour, navigation, recent scientific discoveries and even forays in to folklore. Join ecologist, Anja Murray, every Saturday morning at 9.20, for a celebratory journey to the lesser known realms of nature in Ireland.

Episode 2 – Badgers and their cubs

Badgers spring clean their homestead – called a ‘sett’ – in February after waking from hibernation. They are one of the first animals to have their young, clearing out a nursery chamber in the sett to re-line it with fresh bedding of dry ferns, grasses and leaves. This episode will explore the complex social structures of badgers; how to spot signs of badgers; how they resourcefully feed on spring bulbs, birds eggs, earthworms, insects, slugs, frogs, mice and fruits like blackberries and apples.

RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 10th February, 7am-10am