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Ten years ago, smartphones belonged to the future. Now they are in our bedrooms, at the dinner table, sharing the most intimate moments of family life. But what impact are they having on family life?

Brenda meets four families to hear their technology stories.

Saturday 7pm

About Like Family

Like family is about the lives we live in Ireland today.  There have been significant changes to family life in this country over the past one hundred years and though things have changed, the connection people feel to their families is enduring. Those bonds seem resilient even in the face of economic, social and technological change. There are significant challenges for different generations and we discover how they are adapting to cope with these challenges.

We all make important decisions in our lives that have an impact on our families. This series won’t give advice, but by holding up a mirror to how families are living their lives in Ireland today, Like Family will give you an insight as you face into challenges that face your family.

Brenda Donohue has travelled across the country meeting families and sharing in both the mundane routine of everyday life to the special moments they experience together, providing a snap shot of Irish families today.

Presented and compiled by Brenda Donohue.

Produced by Eileen Heron.