Amanda Byram Brings Six Brand New Workouts to RTÉ Player in ‘Body By Byram’!

Bingo wings be gone!  TV host and health enthusiast, Amanda Byram is back with six brand new workouts in Body By Byram on RTÉ Player.  Each short, high intensity, full body workout can be done anytime, anywhere, with virtually no special equipment or gym membership needed!

Break a sweat with Amanda Byram as she guides you through a selection of six brand new workouts.  With each episode lasting approximately 8 minute, the workout will be over before you know it.  Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, each workout is tailored to be repeated so if you happen to be a super hardcore gym junkie you can extend your session to 16 minutes and beyond.

Inject a new lease of life to that giant Swiss ball gathering dust in the corner as Amanda offers ten brand new ways to work out with it.  Get ‘Core-geous’ (see what we did there?) with a hardcore abs workout.  Or simply work every single muscle in your body with any of the ‘All Over Body Blasts’ to get fit and strong for summer!

Whether you want to get in shape or you just want to feel good all over, RTÉ Player has the workout for you!  All you need is your body and a sprinkling of determination.  Remember to stretch and hydrate before and after each workout but most importantly have FUN!

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