Watch what Fair City’s Niamh and Paul have to say about that explosive episode in exclusive behind the scenes interview on RTÉ Player

Following that explosive episode of Fair City, which saw Niamh and Paul have an epic showdown, join RTÉ Player for an ‘Access All Areas’ chat with actors Clelia Murphy (Niamh) and Tony Tormey (Paul) to get an insight into just what went on ‘Behind the Scenes’ in the lead up to the explosive episode.  Watch the exclusive Fair City Extra only on RTÉ Player.   

Describing their relationship as a ‘Burton-Taylor’ situation, actor Tony Tormey, explores the volatile combination that is Niamh and Paul over the years.  Does his character, Paul, deserve what’s coming to him?  The people on the streets have no problem letting actor, Tony Tormey know!  His mother has no sympathy for him either, maintaining that it’s his fault for the way he’s ‘carrying on’ in the show.

Meanwhile Clelia Murphy (Niamh) delves into the relationship dynamics of the unpredictable pair as they teeter upon the thin line between love and hate and she discovers that her character is certainly one not to be messed with.    

As we reach the peak of the storyline that has gotten everyone talking, discover the excitement, the intensity and the unmistakable chemistry between the pair as we go behind the scenes of Fair City with RTÉ Player.