Actual Real Life Problems Solved with Recipes for Actual Real Life, Sophie White’s New Show on RTÉ Player

Have you reached ‘peak married’ status?  Lost a friend to the cult of ‘Crossfit’?  Or has the recent arrival of a new baby left a sleep shaped hole in your soul?  Sophie White’s new RTÉ Player show Recipes for Actual Real Life, has the perfect recipe to deal with life’s problems; the challenges faced by the modern millennial woman.

In this brand new, online only series, exclusive to RTÉ Player, writer and former private chef Sophie White combines food and comedy with fun, easy-to-follow recipes to suit whatever life throws at you.  Each short episode brings you a ‘how-to’ guide with extra LOL’s from Sophie’s quick witted banter.

If the guys in the local takeaway know you by name, it might be time to consider taking a break and rustling up Sophie’s awesome, super neon, totally tasty Sweet ’n’ Sour Chicken.  So easy, you might begin to miss your friends from the takeaway.  #Sadface.

Ever suffered from a Sunday morning epic toast bender while waiting for the takeaway to open?  Go big or go home with the decadent, goo-ey S’mores French Toast of your dreams (or nightmares) topped with ice cream if you’re actually insane.

Follow Sophie’s quintessential guide of do’s and don’ts following the indignity of a break-up including soothing your woes with delicious Oreo Bark while wishing Bette Midler was your friend in the movie, Beaches.

Sabotage your Crossfit cult friends ‘fit-fam’ efforts by sneaking butter into their meals with a delicious Butter Chicken Curry.

Fill that sleep shaped hole in your life created by a conniving baby with a Chocolate Cake so easy, you barely need hand/eye coordination to make it.

Recipes for Actual Real Life is the latest series to land on RTÉ Player sitting alongside other new online only exclusives such as fitness with Amanda Byram in Body By Byram and fashion with Donna and Anita Ross in My Sister’s Closet.