LIVELINE *Special*

RTÉ's 'Reflecting the Rising' - Faded Colour Image Name: RTÉ's 'Reflecting the Rising' - Faded Colour

Easter Monday special:

After last year’s Sackville St Special, Liveline is going back a century once again.

The phone boxes are full; the lines are jammed; and the people of 1917 Ireland are waiting to Talk to Joe. But what’s on their minds?

– One year on from the Easter Rising, a young lad has climbed up the GPO and raised a tricolor on its roof. We hear from Sackville Street, where police are struggling to cut it down.

– A riot is breaking out across Dublin’s north inner city.

– Children are dying from poisoned milk.

– Morality police are prowling the streets.

– The U boat campaign is cutting off supplies to Ireland. Food prices soar, soup kitchens are opened, and the people are told to eat less meat.

All that and much more – including vintage ads, descendants’ stories and the music of 1917

RTÉ Radio 1, Monday 17 April, 1.30-3pm