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Series 2, Episode 3 


March 19th 2000 – a day etched into the memory of every Irish rugby fan and a whole new generation who were about to join the party.

Watch the momentous developments unfold before our eyes at the Stade De France.  Thankfully the result will be the same but everything else will be a whole lot funnier due to our hilarious heroes on the Apres Match Team.



Welcome to a whole new world of Apres Match and a whole new world of laughter.  This time they take on everything from snooker, golf, football, GAA even Greyhound Racing – because for these boys – if it has balls or legs then any game is fair game.

Apres Match – with Barry Murphy, Risteard Cooper & Gary Cooke.

Dublin vs Kerry 1979! – The Irish Open golf tournament 1985! – and who could forget Stuttgart in 1988 when little Ray put the ball in the back of the English net? – Not us that’s for sure.  Travel back in time to meet Brendan O’Reilly, Malcom Leadbetter, Larry Joyce and many more.  And the great thing is they haven’t aged a day…they just got much funnier

Apres Match – with Barry Murphy, Risteard Cooper and Gary Cooke.

Make Ireland great again!  Travel back in time due to the super powers of the Apres Match team. Remember the great battle between North and South at Windsor Park in 1993 with our place in the 1994 World cup at stake.

All our balls were right on cue for an all Irish Masters Championship in 1990 between the the Hurricane and the man with the giant lenses – Denis Taylor

Paris 2000.  The day the legend of the BOD was born.  And we gave the French a good beating as a bonus!

Memories like these never grow old – but thanks to the Apres Match take on Geirge Brent and Tom – and a revisit to the adverts of the day…they do get a lot funnier