Megan Cassidy and Dylan Troy 2 Image Name: Megan Cassidy and Dylan Troy 2

The Weekend Club has officially been taken over. From August 2nd onwards it’s gonna be double trouble with two brand new presenters on the block – Dylan Troy and Megan Cassidy.

Megan Cassidy – also known as the popular Professor Fun on RTEjr’s The Curious World – is a self-confessed girly girl who loves music, movies and shopping. A panto princess and a bit of a bookworm, she can’t wait to take over hosting duties and officially join the weekend club.

Listeners who recognise Dylan Troy as the Sports and Weather guy on TNews will know that he is a bit of a messer. He loves quizzes, facts and riddles, but his favourite pastime is trying to wind Megan up.

Join them on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 -11 for a show that’s jam-packed with fun and games as well as all the latest music, news and reviews, special guests and more. You’ll be laughing out loud with brand new segments like “That’s Disgusting” – as Dylan tries his very best to gross Megan out with some of the most stomach-churning stories from around the world.

Ever wondered what a scientist spends his day doing? Or how a meteorologist can predict the weather? Each week we’ll be finding out something new in “All in a Day’s Work”.

Other brand new bits include – What’s the Big Idea, Name that Song, Are you Sound? Beat the Boredom, as well as lots of your old favorites thrown in there too.

So what are you waiting for? Join the club!

RTÉjr Radio, Saturday 23 August, 9am – 11am