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A Musical Calendar of Irish Saints.

On the feast of St Brendan (16th May), Dr Ann Buckley of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Trinity College Dublin, examines the international legacy of the Irish peregrini (mediaeval pilgrim monks) and their successors. She discovers examples of liturgical chant sung on the feast days of Irish saints during the Middle Ages. These unique and little-known manuscripts, with their stunningly beautiful melodies, come not only from Ireland but also Britain and across continental Europe. She looks at the cults of the saints at home and abroad such St Laurence O’Toole, St Patrick and St Brigit. The programme features performances by the renowned Scottish early music ensembles Canty and Cappella Nova, the Salzburger Virgilschola, and by Irish group Schola Hyberniae, with newly-recorded material recorded specially for the programme. Contributors include historians Charles Doherty, Professor Marie Therese Flanagan, and the director of Schola Hyberniae, Dr Giovanna Feeley.


A Heritage Music production for RTE lyric fm made with the support of the BAI Sound and Vision broadcasting funding scheme.

Producer Heritage Productions : Una Hunt.

Series Producer RTE Lyric fm : Olga Buckley

Production Coordinator : Eoin OKelly

RTÉ lyric fm, Friday 16th May, 7pm-8pm