The Centre Amanda and Teresa Image Name: The Centre Amanda and Teresa
The Centre Yasmine Akram as AMANDA MENTON Image Name: The Centre Yasmine Akram as AMANDA MENTON
The Centre Poster New Image Name: The Centre Poster New Description: L-R: VINNY CORCORAN(Johnny Ward), KATHLEEN BRODY (Sue Collins), NUALLA MOONEY(Gary Cooke), Teresa Mannion (HELEN OʼBRIEN), AMANDA MENTON (Yasmine Akram), Bernie Walsh (Katherine Lynch), LORETTA BINGHAM (Norma Sheehan),MAGGIE PYE (Hilary Rose), (GRÁINNE OʼCONNELL) Jennifer Maguire

The Centre – Episode 2


Welcome to St Bartholomew’s Community Centre in the heart of Fieldstown, County Dublin, a grim local authority housing estate once voted the third least desirable place to live in Ireland after the puffin colony on Skelligs rock and Carlow.


It’s week 2 and Celebrity Sex Guru and maybe-murderess Amanda Menton (Yasmine Akram) kicks off her Fieldstown wide search for suitable applicants to join her ‘Deals On Heels” Women in Business Course. But unbeknown to Centre

Manager Teresa Mannion (Helen O’Brien), Amanda has set a rather unusual entry requirement…no woman over 9 stone three!


And with The Centre reception thronged with weighty applicants it soon becomes obvious that the locals are more interested in ogling the famous authoress than pitching business ideas. Then just when it looks as if Amanda’s course is going to be an under subscribed flop, the wife of her dead gangster boyfriend shows-up with a very interesting proposition.

Meanwhile Communion Boot-Camp tutor Bernie Walsh (Katherine Lynch) continues her ongoing crusade to hold her annual under 8’s child beauty pageant but much to her frustration Teresa is adamant that no “teenies in bikinis” will be paraded on St Barty’s Stage. Undeterred Bernie carry’s on regardless and does what she does when it comes to rules and authority….ignore them!


And if Bernie’s renegade pageantry wasn’t enough for Teresa to contend with, today’s the day The Centre finally drags itself into the 21st century and launches it’s very own website but when it comes to staff profiles