eps-51-damien-reveals-they-knew-the-price-of-job-before-hand Image Name: eps-51-damien-reveals-they-knew-the-price-of-job-before-hand Description: Fair City Eps 51 TX: Thursday 20th March 2014 Damien reveals they knew the price of job before hand L-R Paul - Tony Tormey Damien - Maclean Burke Pete - Enda Oates
eps-49-pete-s-divorce-news-unsettles-delores Image Name: eps-49-pete-s-divorce-news-unsettles-delores Description: Fair City Eps 49 TX: Tuesday 18th March 2014 Pete's divorce news unsettles Dolores L-R Dolores - Martina Stanley Pete - Enda Oates
eps-51-yvonne-and-carol-share-a-moment Image Name: eps-51-yvonne-and-carol-share-a-moment Description: Fair City Eps 51 TX: Thursday 20th March 2014 Yvonne and Carol share a moment L-R Yvonne - Ciara O'Callaghan Carol - Aisling O'Neill
eps-50-tommy-feeds-his-obsession Image Name: eps-50-tommy-feeds-his-obsession Description: Fair City Eps 50 TX: Wednesday 19th March 2014 Tommy feeds his obsession L-R Tommy - Geoff Minogue

Ep 48 TX, Sunday, 16th March 2014 – 8.30pm

As Judith and Bob grow closer, Tommy’s jealousy consumes him. Yvonne fears the consequences of Carol’s evidence in court will have a detrimental effect on her relationship with Dan.  Rachel realises she has to face Ray and make a confession.

Ep 49 TX, Tuesday, 18th March 2014 – 8pm

Orla’s news might cause her to lose Wayne. Yvonne’s treatment of Carol comes back to haunt her. Dolores accuses Pete of dragging his heels and Judith learns something shocking about Tommy as he struggles to let her go.

Ep 50 TX, Wednesday, 19th March 2014 – 8pm

Yvonne needs to apologise to Carol for the past, but how can she get Carol to listen?  Pete and Dolores’s engagement looks shakier than ever, as Tommy renews his efforts to put Judith behind him and move on.

Ep 51 TX, Thursday, 20th March 2014 – 8pm

Orla is stunned by Wayne’s decision. Yvonne surprises Dan and puts him on the spot. Tommy takes desperate measures to put Judith out of his mind. Pete’s convinced he’s gotten the better of Paul Brennan.