The Walshes - Rory (Rory Connolly) Image Name: The Walshes - Rory (Rory Connolly)
Graham (Shane Langan) and Ciara (Amy Stephenson) Image Name: Graham (Shane Langan) and Ciara (Amy Stephenson)
Rory (Rory Connolly) - The Walshes Image Name: Rory (Rory Connolly) - The Walshes
The Walshes Image Name: The Walshes
The Walshes - Ciara (Amy Stephenson) Image Name: The Walshes - Ciara (Amy Stephenson)
The Walshes with Graham Linehan Image Name: The Walshes with Graham Linehan
The Walshes Image Name: The Walshes
The Walshes Image Name: The Walshes

The Walshes is a three part series co-written by Graham Linehan (The IT Crowd, Father Ted) and the five-strong comedy troupe Diet of Worms, who also comprise the lead roles.

The Walshes are a warm, tight knit family from the West Dublin suburb of Strollinstown. Tony (Niall Gaffney) and Carmel (Philippa Dunne) are parents to Ciara (Amy Stephenson) and Rory (Rory Connolly), who are both still at home because the state of the Irish economy has forced them all back together.

Even Ciara’s new boyfriend Graham (Shane Langan) is forced to move in and family friend Martin (Owen Roe) always seems to be hanging around mending bits and pieces, as well as accidentally becoming trapped in the wall cavity.

Tony Walsh, the head of the household, is an eejit. He is, as he will cheerfully admit, always “on”, and has a sense of humour that people would cross continents to avoid.

Carmel Walsh, his wife, is in many ways a typical Irish Mammy. But she too has become somewhat crazed with having her beloved children still living under the same roof. Unlike Tony, however, Carmel could quite happily have this state of affairs continue until her death.

Rory Walsh is a 14-year-old boy in the body of a 25-year-old man, simply because he’s never had any reason to be anything else. His mother does everything for him, and his father likes having him around as both audience and comic foil. Rory is not the brightest of bulbs, but one day he might surprise everyone, not least of all himself.

Ciara Walsh is desperately trying to cling on to her fraying sanity by attempting to live the life of a cosmopolitan twentysomething in the same house she grew up in. But then she meets Graham, a nervous young man who may be her ticket out of the madhouse….

Graham Gill is a quiet, self-effacing, intellectual. Basically, he’s the complete opposite of a Walsh. Perhaps that’s what attracted Ciara to him in the first place? With Graham’s mother dead and father absent, he’s drawn to the strong Walsh family atmosphere. It’s precisely what he craves.

The Walshes is a Boom Pictures production for the BBC and RTE, directed by Graham Linehan and produced by Richard Boden. Chris Sussman is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC with Eddie Doyle the Commissioning Editor for RTÉ.

Episode 1:  ‘Doctor Burger’

After weeks of putting it off, Ciara finally agrees to bring her new boyfriend, Graham, back to meet her family. All she wants is a quick, in and out visit: no fuss and no embarrassment. The Walshes however, don’t do ‘no fuss’. Graham must navigate a social assault course of misunderstandings, Dad jokes and utter humiliation. Meanwhile, Tony has a very important TV show that he just can’t miss and Rory has a big secret that he mustn’t reveal.